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Citadel Charum was a grand Precursor structure on Charum Hakkor. Prehistoric humans considered it to be the greatest Precursor ruin on the planet by the end of the human-Forerunner wars.[1]


As the final planetary defenses collapsed and their defeat became inevitable, the last surviving humans gathered in the Citadel on Charum Hakkor. One by one the wounded, the dying, and the captured were laid out on rows upon hundreds of rows of beds inside the citadel. In an attempt to conceal their identities and ranks from the Forerunners, the Admiralty had stripped off their uniforms. Despite this, the Didact was able to identify his greatest opponent — Forthencho, the Lord of Admirals.[2]

Furious at humanity, the Old Council (primarily composed of Builders) had originally ordered the complete annihilation of the human race despite being convinced that they knew of a cure against the Flood.[3] The Librarian insisted that humanity and their culture needed be spared, as this might be the only way for the Forerunners to decipher their apparent Flood immunity. The Council yielded to this request, though only in part; after the Librarian and her Lifeworkers had thoroughly studied the human survivors down to a molecular level, their mental patterns were to be extracted via Composers for further analysis. Inside the citadel, the Librarian and her Lifeworkers walked among the human survivors, providing relief before their imminent composition. Forthencho, Yprin Yprikushma, the Admiralty, and numerous other human warriors (along with their children and families) were then processed by the Composers, destroying their bodies but storing their memories and consciousnesses in digital form.[4]

The Citadel, like all other Precursor structures on the planet, was destroyed when Master Builder Faber and the ancilla Mendicant Bias test-fired Halo Installation 07 in the system in 100,043 BCE.[5]


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