Super grenade throw

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The super grenade throw was a glitch present in Halo 4 in War Games. It allowed the player to throw grenades quicker and farther. It could not be performed by the host.[1] It was patched in a Title Update on December 6, 2012.[2]


In order to have performed this glitch, the player entered into online multiplayer, and they could not have been the host. Immediately after they had thrown a grenade the player had to sprint. If this was timed correctly, this caused the player to throw the grenade without performing the animation. This presented a trade off: a grenade thrown via this glitch would be thrown quicker and farther than a grenade thrown the normal way, but the player would have less control and the throw would be less accurate. Nevertheless, due to its speed, this glitch was effective with the Anskum-pattern plasma grenade and the Pulse grenade.