Infinity vacation

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The Infinity vacation is a glitch in Halo 4 campaign level Infinity which allows the player to break the boundaries of the playable area and explore the map at will. It requires a Railgun.[1]


  1. Start the level at Rally Point Bravo. Progress with the level as usual.
  2. Once you have cleared the landing zone for the Pelican, run back to the ledge near the cliff. There are two crates here.
  3. Move one of the boxes next to the adjacent large rock. Look up, and you will see an opening in the rock wall (not the opening in the rock roof); this is where you are aiming for.
  4. Jump up on the box, facing the rock, and use the railgun to launch yourself up to this opening.
  5. Jump down to the other side and go to the left to avoid a killzone on the right. You are now out of the map, and may explore.