Giant player model

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The giant player model is a glitch performed on the Burial Mounds map on Halo 2. It can be performed with both the Spartan-II and Sangheili player models.


  • This requires two players (Overshields recommended).
  • It also requires a Wraith.
  • The player without the Wraith needs any weapon, an Energy Sword is recommended.
  1. Have the first player stand against the flaming pillar where the Ghost spawns.
  2. Have the other player charge into the first player, knocking the first player through the map (the first player MUST have a Rocket Launcher and then shoot him/herself while having an overshield on, before the Wraith hits the first player).
  3. The person should get killed by The Guardians.
  4. Look up.

(Note: the dropped weapons cannot be collected, even if you get by the giant corpse). If you do not see the hologram, just keep trying different angles and sides. You can do this by yourself:

  1. Jump to the part of the pillar that is facing the base.
  2. Jump to the other side of the pillar in a U so you land on the other side near the Ghost.
  3. Go as close to the edge as you can, then jump backwards.
  4. As soon as you jump backwards, hold forward and continue running. You may or may not go through the pillar.


It is impossible to make an object such as the flag, the bomb or the skull appear because these items respawn when they hit a kill barrier.