Unlimited Energy Sword

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The Unlimited Energy Sword exploit is a weapon-related glitch in Halo 2 and Halo 3's Campaign. The glitch only works on single-player Campaign; Co-op will not work.


All a player has to do is finish the first of any two connected levels with an empty Energy Sword and any other weapon. During the second level, the Energy Sword will still be empty and will appear to have no blade, but the player will be able to attack with it.

Note that when finishing the first of the two connected levels, the player's other weapon must have ammo; if the player finishes with two empty weapons, they will start the next level with default weapons. Also note that if a player switches the Energy Sword for another weapon, they will not be able to pick the sword back up.

Levels this glitch works on[edit]


  • When wielding an empty Energy Sword while using Active Camo, the sword's two blades can be seen.
  • When the player switches the "Unlimited Energy Sword" on, the hilt will flash.
  • This glitch will not work for Gravemind and High Charity, even if you hold onto an Energy Sword.
  • If the player gets in a Warthog passenger seat and equips the sword, the blades will be visible.