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Brady / Yev Zharkov (Ев Жарков)






Ев Жарков

Twitter @YevSundaysAway

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Well, im not very good at this stuff but, Im Brady. Im 15, a gamer, i listen to alot of music all the time. I like to write, make music, play video games, read, and watch anime. I made my acount when i was 9? ([Citations Needed])I like playing 1v1 matches and if you ever wanna play some one just hit me up on xbl (my GT is Scorch9lives). So, yeah, anything else? Just ask me :D bye

GOSH! No one is ever on anymore :o thats pretty depressing.

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Just being able to sit down and play a fun ragerless, noobless game with people that just play for fun

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Ah, so you remember me from Wikitroid. Laziness has kept me from returning. And I've been here at Halopedia since 2009.


You just need to create it by adding the code needed.


Ok :D yay sorry haven't been on live in a loooong time since I have a anime convention coming up and I like making my own costume. also my friends want me to make their costumes