Unlimited Dominion turrets

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Were you looking for the Forge turret glitch?

Unlimited Dominion turrets is a glitch in Halo 4 which allows a player to circumvent the six-item limit for the base turrets used in the Dominion gametype. It allows them to create fully functioning base turrets. This glitch can be preformed in basic editing.


In Forge, open the editing menu and go to Dominion, and select Base Turret. Place the turret, and assign it to a team. Once the hologram appears, activate it as you would normally. Then, go into editor mode, and delete the base. The turret itself will remain, floating, and will function completely normally, still being able to kill players on the opposing team or be destroyed. Deleting the base causes the turret's properties to behave as if it was not there. As such, the turret cannot be moved or edited in any way, nor will the turret be saved on the map. An unlimited number of turrets may be created in this way, although they may cause the game to lag.