Tip of the Spear vacation

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The Tip of the Spear vacation is a glitch in Halo: Reach campaign which can be used to get out of the map at the ending section of the level Tip of the Spear. This glitch requires the Tilt skull, a Banshee, and a Focus rifle.[1]


  1. Play the level until you reach the third chapter, "Spire", and after the Falcon crashed. Pick up the Portable jump-jet as well as a Focus rifle and proceed until you can board a Banshee.
  2. Board and pilot the Banshee to the Northwest end of the map, specifically the cliff edge with two trees. Hold position on the slope.
  3. Using Banshee maneuvers, roll the Banshee sideways and out of the EMP barrier dome. The Banshee will be pushed back into the interior, so get out after rolling a couple of times. You can now explore the area outside, but only on foot. Walk a long the cliff edge to return to the previous area where you rode the Falcon.
  4. To continue exploring on a Banshee, fire the Focus rifle at the Banshee and push it away from the barrier. The Tilt skull will prevent it from receiving any damage due to the modified damage table.
  5. Once the Banshee reaches the end of the cliff edge, pilot it. You can now explore the area outside, with much faster speed and bigger area of exploration when compared with walking.