Nightfall vacation

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The Nightfall vacation is a glitch in the Halo: Reach campaign level Nightfall. It allows the player to break the boundaries of the playable area and explore the level at will. There are several methods[1][2][3].


From the level start #1[edit]

This method requires at least two players.

  1. Acquire Armor Lock.
  2. Eliminate all the enemies in the first settlement.
  3. Procure at least two Forklifts, and proceed on to the next area. Clear out all enemies.
  4. Launch the forklifts over the gate using Armor Lock.
  5. Jump onto the adjacent roof. One player should stand on the rock, with the other jumping off the first's head.
  6. Once on top, go behind the gate. Have the others respawn with you.
  7. Enter the forklifts and drive up the hill as far as possible. Use the other forklifts to push the first up further.
  8. When you cannot move further, dismount. You are now out of the map.

From the level start #2[edit]

  1. Acquire Armor Lock.
  2. Position one of the forklifts near the round building of the first settlement.
  3. Get the Phantom to come.
  4. Use the forklift and a grenade to launch yourself onto the Phantom.
  5. As the Phantom flies away, use Armor Lock to go through the boundary.
  6. Jump off of the phantom as it flies past the hill. You are now out of the map.
  7. Walk along the wall separating the first to settlements to access the larger area of the level.

From the Pylon[edit]

This method requires two players.

  1. Acquire Armor Lock.
  2. Use the Nightfall forklift glitch to go through the gate.
  3. Jump off the cliff onto the hovering Phantom.
  4. Have the other player kill the other enemies and open the gate.
  5. When the phantom flies away, Armor Lock as it turns.
  6. Jump onto the ledge. The Phantom will disappear.
  7. Drop to the ground. You are now outside the map.


  • With the first method, the forklift can be launched further out of the map using armor lock. It can then be used to access the floating Phantom.
  • The third method can be used to access the secret Banshee.