Johnson disappearing on the Cairo

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Johnson Disappearing on the Cairo is a glitch in Halo 2's Campaign level Cairo Station. The glitch causes Sergeant Johnson to suddenly disappear during gameplay. It is easier if you get an Energy Sword from an Ultra Elite (Heroic or higher only), though this is not required.


Obtain an Energy Sword from an Ultra Elite. When you meet up with Miranda Keyes, kill all the Covenant forces in the area.

Use the Energy Sword to slash Johnson in the direction of the airlock door that leads to the station's exterior and docking port. After killing the Rangers, continue to slash Johnson toward the fire control center. After you get Johnson in the elevator, he will disappear as soon as Fleet Admiral Harper starts talking.


  • This glitch can also be performed with Miranda Keyes.
  • On a side note, notice that Johnson is breathing in the vacuum of space when you push him outside the station.