Disappearing grenade glitch

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The disappearing grenade glitch is a glitch where if timed right a user can "eliminate" a grenade without it exploding.


1. Have Player A grab an Equipment; either a Power Drain or Regenerator.

Note: Easier done with power drain because it is thrown straight out

2. Next, have Player B with a Plasma Grenade or Spike Grenade face Player A.

3. Next, have Player A throw the equipment and have Player B quickly throw a plasma grenade at the equipment while it's in Player A's hand.

4. When timed correctly, you will hear the grenade make it's "stick" sound, but as soon as the equipment leaves the players hand the grenade will disappear.


This occurs because Bungie programmed the game so that when a player has a piece of Equipment, the player's status reads that he or she has that equipment. And when said player presses X the game plays an animation of the character throwing the equipment that it reads that they have, when in reality its just part of the character's animation.

When the animation reaches the point where the equipment should leave the player's hand it is actually removed from the animation. At that point the game replaces that small point with the actual equipment giving processed.

In simpler terms

  1. Sticky Grenade sticks Animation version of equipment
  2. Animation reaches peak of throw
  3. Animation's object unloaded, thus unloading the grenade