Invincible Marines

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Invincible Marines are certain Marines in the Halo Trilogy that have the notable trait of being invulnerable to all forms of damage. Invincible Marines specifically programmed to be invincible can be found in Halo: Combat Evolved. Such Marines that receive this trait through a Glitch can be seen in Halo 2 and Halo 3.

Halo: Combat Evolved[edit]

The Pillar of Autumn[edit]

The Invincible Marines can be seen on the level The Pillar of Autumn. When Captain Keyes or any Crewman on the bridge is shot (and likely killed) by the player, a group of around five or six Invincible Marines will enter and shoot the player until the player dies. This is a programmed action for shooting the crew and a fail-safe to make the player die for betraying allies. It has since been discovered that the Marines can be killed by throwing all 4 of the player's Frag Grenades at them.[verification needed] Although it would be extremely difficult to survive long enough to do this. The only other way to kill the Invincible Marines is with Mods such as "God-mode" or such mods that would 'remove' the Marines from the level when fired upon.

Halo 2[edit]


Invincible Marines can be seen on the level Outskirts. The player must advance to the point where they are offered the Warthog after acquiring the Hidden Sword. The Marines inside will get in the gunner and passenger seat. Advance to the A Day At the Beach chapter. If the player gets out of the Warthog and attempts to attack the Marines, they will prove to be invulnerable. These Marines are useful for the section that takes the player through the tunnel.


Invincible Marines can be seen on the level Metropolis. Play through until you get to the part with the two Marines in the Warthog at the tunnel. Destroy the Warthog before you get to the wall area that has Jackals on it. The Marines will be alive, but the Warthog destroyed. The two Invincible Marines will have their invincibility intact. Their invincibility appears to disappear when you reach the next section of tunnel after crossing the partially closed bulkhead; however, they remain exceptionally difficult to kill.

Halo 3[edit]

Sierra 117[edit]

However, on the level Sierra 117, if you kill the Brute Chieftain and take his gravity hammer, you can kill your allies and trigger the invincible marines. Use the hammer to kill the marine manning the turret. Then, take his machine gun. Spray bullets at the marines, then use the hammer to kill Arbiter and Johnson. They will also die. After that, jump on the pelican using grenade jump and use the hammer to kill the pilot.

Arbiter and Johnson will jump up quickly. Arbiter will say something like 'Be careful!'. Kill him and Johnson again. The sergeant then will say, "Emergence teams kill that demon! He is mad!" Then a group of invincible marines will come from nowhere and kill you.[verification needed]

The Ark[edit]

Invincible Marines can be seen on the level The Ark. In the area following the activation of the Light Bridge, the Marine who drops off the Gauss Warthog will be invincible. However, when you go down to the Scorpion Tanks, he will no longer be invincible. Also, on the part of the level where the two AA wraiths are, the marine that rides gunner in the back of the pelican that drops is invincible as well.

The Covenant[edit]

Invincible Marines can be seen on the level, The Covenant.

When two Marines land their Hornets just before you encounter two Scarabs, you must use one of them and fly to your right, where you will find a Pelican. Fly up to the Pelican's rear and get out of the Hornet so that you end up inside the Pelican. The Marine manning the Turret is invincible.

Basically, all Marines manning the machine gun turret on a Pelican are invincible.


  • Sergeant Johnson is an Invincible Marine in Halo 2 and Halo 3 because he plays a large role in the series and that his death before the final level in Halo 3 would result in the storyline being very inaccurate. In Halo 3 however, he can be knocked unconscious like the Arbiter. (They will fall as if dead, but after a few moments they will stand back up and pick up whatever weapon that happens to be beside them.)