Hold an Energy Sword like an SMG glitch

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The hold an Energy Sword like an SMG glitch is a glitch present in Halo 3. It is a timing related glitch in the dual-wield system. Only the connection host can see the glitch, and it can only be seen in third-person view by anyone on the host console. In first-person, it will look normal.


To perform this glitch, get an Energy Sword and an SMG (although any dual wieldable weapon will work). Find another SMG and stand on top of it. Press "Y" and VERY quickly after pressing "Y" press "LB". If done right, the second SMG should fall to the ground. Then ask someone on the host console to look at you to tell you if it worked.


The effects of this glitch are obvious, in that you hold the sword like an SMG, but also, you can't lunge. If you go to lunge, you will slide across the ground and bump into the person, doing no damage. You can, however, still melee. The melees are the same as sword melees, 1-hit kills. However, if viewed in slow-motion in theater, the glitched sword melee looks like a ninja move. The things that cancel the glitch are switching weapons, dropping the glitched sword, and dying. Going into Monitor mode will keep the sword glitched.


  • This glitch can be done offline.
  • On the Halo 3 level Halo, the Arbiter will hold the Energy Sword like this if he's still dual wielding the Plasma Rifles and his shield goes down during the battle. He will not do the sword slashing animation when a enemy is behind him. Instead, he will kick the enemy with his feet as if he was still dual wielding the Plasma Rifles.