Permanent invisibility

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Permanent invisibility is a glitch that can be achieved on any level in Halo 2 where you play as the Master Chief or any multi-player map in Halo 3. Below are tutorials to obtain permanent invisibility.


Halo 2[edit]

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It only works on the current level and does not transfer to the next. Also, if you wish to retrieve the Envy skull from the campaign level "Delta Halo" to achieve permanent invisibility on a later level, be aware that after doing so, the permanent invisibility glitch will cease to work.

This glitch works by deactivating the invisibility ability while you are invisible, therefore tricking the system into thinking you are supposed to be in your current state and keeps you that way. Unfortunately, the system is programmed to keep the flashlight from turning on while you are invisible, so you will not be able to use the flashlight even though you can still hear the sound.

  1. Get the Envy Skull.
  2. Save and quit.
  3. Start any level with the Master Chief.
  4. Play the level until you get a checkpoint, But make sure you activate your Camo just before the checkpoint
  5. Once you get it, revert to the last checkpoint and see if you are invisible. If not, try again.
  6. Once that is done, save and quit, and reset or turn off your Xbox.

Note: If you are on Xbox 360, quitting to Dashboard has the same effect.

  1. Resume that same level and you will be invisible for the rest of the level! When you shoot or get shot, you will stay invisible, and even though enemies cannot see you, they may fire in your general direction so just be careful.

Note: This Glitch helps a lot with trying to achieve other skulls. An Example is the IWHBYD skull when having to go through the 7 waves of Elites

Halo 3[edit]

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  1. Find an Equipment item.
  2. Find an Active Camo Power-Up.
  3. Hold RB and walk through the Camo.
  4. Make sure when walking through the Camo, your current equipment will drop, and that you don't pick it back up. Jumping helps
  5. Find another equipment item and hold RB to get it.
  6. Activate the equipment item.
  7. Congratulations, you now have permanent invisibility, even when you respawn.

Note: This may work with an Overshield (Or a Custom Powerup) as well, though it has been noted to not work all the time.

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