Stay in the Pelican

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Being able to stay in the Pelican is a trick that can be achieved on the campaign levels Assault on the Control Room and 343 Guilty Spark in Halo: Combat Evolved.


  1. When the cutscene starts to play, hold down the throw grenade button, and when the cinematic ends, you will throw a grenade and stay in the Pelican.
    • Or on Assault on the Control Room you can use an alternative in which as soon as you exit the Pelican, quickly turn around and hold the X (action button) or E (for PC) and you will get back in the Pelican.
  2. The Pelican will then fly away on it's scripted path, with you still inside
  3. You will eventually die when you strike the kill wall. If you are on the mission Assault on the Control Room, you will survive.[verification needed]