Lightrifle Crawler

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Lightrifle Crawler
Lightrifle Crawler.png



The Lightrifle Crawler is a Promethean Crawler variant that can be found in the Spartan Ops mission Switchback.


Unlike other Crawlers, this Crawler wields a Z-250 lightrifle which it holds in its front right claws as opposed to its mandibles. The weapon will clip into the ground often, and is most easily seen while using Promethean Vision.

Before you reach the farthest Switchback IFF Tag, numerous enemies will spawn, including the Lightrifle Crawler.


  • A similar occurrence of an enemy using a weapon they were not meant to use can be seen in Halo 2 in the form of the Needler Sentinel.
  • The Lightrifle Crawler will occasionally have the model of an Alpha Crawler instead of the default Crawler type.