Enemies in space glitch

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The enemies in space glitch is a glitch present in Halo 2's Campaign level, Cairo Station. The glitch allows players to force Covenant enemies out of an airlock, and into outer space.


After the first spacewalk in the level, when you get to the ramp elevator, go to the stairs to the right and jump down past the Drones to the bottom. After you and your allies shoot a few of the Drones, the airlock will start to open and, if you are quick, you can rush into before any Elites or Grunts come out.

The doors will open, and you can continue forward, but the Grunts and Elites will still shoot at you through the airlock, even though the Elites have no breathing apparatus. The Covenant forces will not leave it unless you push them out (which you can do to the Grunts if you have patience, but not to the Elites). Once outside the airlock, they will move around a little.

An easier way to practice this is to proceed normally and kill all the Covenant forces except for one Grunt. It helps if the Grunt panics, and you start the elevator right away, so the Marines do not kill the Grunt. Push the Grunt into the airlock. He will not shoot you inside the airlock, but he will once he is out in space. This "pushing into space" trick may work with Marines.


  • This glitch should only be attempted on Normal or Easy. If you try it on Heroic, you will have to kill most of the Covenant before the airlock cycles through, and on Legendary, you will be lucky to make it into the airlock at all with all the concentrated fire.
  • After exiting the airlock, if you get near enough to the airlock and the Grunts don't notice you, you can hear them making gasping noises as if they have been shot or are having trouble breathing.