CTF weapons glitch

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For the dual-wielding glitch, see Triple Wielding. For the Halo: Combat Evolved glitch, see Three Weapons in Halo: Combat Evolved.

The CTF weapons glitch is a weapon-related glitch present in Halo 3's Capture The Flag mode. The glitch allows players to carry three weapons at once.


  1. Obtain the flag, and make sure you have two weapons.
  2. Exchange the flag for a weapon. One of the weapons you already had will appear beneath the flag.
  3. Exchange the new weapon for the flag. The weapon beneath the flag will also disappear.
  4. Drop the flag.


Let's say that a hypothetical player does this glitch. This player is carrying an Assault Rifle and a Battle Rifle, and does the glitch on a Needler.

So the player has his Assault Rifle out, and is holding the flag. He trades the flag for a Needler, and drops his Assault Rifle. This is because parts of the game didn't check if he was holding a flag, so the game swapped his Assault Rifle for a Needler.

The player then picks the flag back up, and the dropped Assault Rifle vanishes. This is because the player was picking the Rifle back up; however, some flaw in the process prevented the game from forcing the player to drop their Needler, leaving them with three weapons.

Note: This is one of many Three Weapons glitches.