Armor permutation glitch

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The armor permutation glitch is a glitch that can be performed in Halo: Reach and Halo 4. The result of the glitch would create a randomized character model along with armor details. If the Hologram creator uses an Elite model, the hologram will have a white Minor armor and a random Armor Effect. The same applies to the Spartan model, whereby the hologram will get any randomised armor in the game.


To perform the glitch, simply follow the following:

  1. In any gametype, equip the Hologram armor ability.
  2. Create a hologram from the armor ability, while at the same time change your "status", by either going into Monitor mode or dying.
  3. The hologram at this point should have a randomized armor permutation, different from the creator.


  • This glitch only works while not the connection host.
  • It is possible to generate armor permutations not actually obtainable in-game. The dead Spartans on Lone Wolf are also capable of being generated with unobtainable armor combinations.