Saving the Warthogs on Requiem

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Saving the Warthogs on Requiem is a glitch that can be performed in the Halo 4 campaign level Requiem. It allows the player to prevent the Warthogs found in the crash site from being destroyed.[1] It can be performed on Legendary difficulty and requires a Fuel Rod Gun and the Tilt, Cowbell, and Thunderstorm skulls.


In order to perform this glitch, the player must begin at the start of the level. Acquire a Fuel Rod gun from the wreckage. When you reach the entrence of the cave that leads to the Warthogs, wait until dialogue is triggered. When this happens, begin meleeing to delay the checkpoint and loadzones from loading. While still meleeing, obtain a crate and melee it through the cave until you just reach the exit. Position the crate against the rock wall on your right, right before the trigger that causes the Warthogs to explode. Stand atop the crate, and crate jump using grenades and the Fuel Rod gun. The player will then be launched atop the rocks, and may then walk around the trigger. This requires some difficult jumping. After going around the trigger, re-enter the map. The Warthogs will have been preserved from destruction.


  • Unfortunately, the Warthogs cannot be driven.
  • Back-tracking causes the Warthogs to explode.