Teleporter launching glitch

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The teleporter launching glitch is a glitch that can be performed in Halo: Reach. This glitch makes the player launch out of a teleporter at an extremely high speed.


  1. In Forge mode, spawn a teleporter sender and receiver node. Do not use two-way teleporters, as this glitch will not work.
  2. In edit mode, grab any item, preferably a small item like a crate or cone, which would easily fit through a teleporter.
  3. Hold down the left trigger (default controls) to speed the monitor up, and enter the teleporter.
  4. When exiting the receiver teleporter, press Up on the D-Pad to go back into player mode. You will be launched out at an incredibly high speed.

There is a variation of the teleporter launching glitch with two way nodes.

  1. In Edit mode, spawn 2 two way nodes that are far apart from each other.
  2. In Edit Mode spawn or grab anything big, eg Coloseum wall, etc.
  3. Go into the teleporter and when exiting the teleporter, your monitor will fly extremely fast out of the teleporter and back to the big object.
  4. (optional) you can turn the spartan while flying and still continue flying, but if you turn back to monitor mode you will stop moving.


This glitch happens because of Halo: Reach's camera/player position system. When holding onto something in edit mode, the game sets the player's position based on available space, depending on the positioning of walls, ceilings and other objects. When you enter the teleporter with the object you hold, there is a split second where the item makes contact with you before the player is positioned properly. Upon turning into player mode, contact with the object launches the player across the map. This is similar to Equipment jumping with the Deployable Cover. In edit mode, the monitor will not be launched as it automatically positions itself from the object.