ONI: Sword Base vacation

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The ONI: Sword Base vacation is a glitch in the Halo: Reach campaign level ONI: Sword Base which allows the player to break the boundaries of the playable area and explore the level at will. It requires two players, the Tilt and Cowbell skulls, a Concussion rifle, Armor Lock, and a Forklift.[1]


  1. At the beginning of the level, acquire the Concussion rifle after killing all enemies.
  2. Retrieve the Armor Locks.
  3. Position one of the forklifts at a ramp. Use Armor Lock to launch it onto the ledge.
  4. Get into the forklift on the ledge and drive it to the highest point. Have the other player use the Concussion rifle to assist you if necessary.
  5. Dismounting the forklift will break the barrier.


The second forklift may be launched out of the map. This may prove useful for exploring.