Sydney Synthetic Intellect Institute

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The Sydney Synthetic Intellect Institute, or "Double S.I.," was a facility located in Sydney, Australia on the planet Earth. "SSII" worked with the creation of advanced artificial intelligence constructs with advanced military applications for the United Nations Space Command,[1] theorizing new approaches and calculating the details necessary for the creation of the AI, "dumb" or "smart". The experts at this institute created Jerrod, the first functional "micro" AI.[2]


Many advancements in AIs throughout the 26th century had occurred at the institute, including calculations refinements, increased military applications, and the pairing of AI components with naval computational navigation software.[1] Doctor Catherine Halsey was familiar with this institute. The researchers there let her borrow Jerrod for her personal use some time before the Fall of Reach.[3] Jerrod was only supposed to live for a matter of days, but he rapidly stabilized and exceeded all expectations.[4]

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