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Cadence is a human academic who specializes in the study of the San'Shyuum and is the chair of the xenoarchaeology department at the University of Edinburgh.


Pre-Created Conflict[edit]

Prior to the Created uprising, Cadence agreed to hire Keely Iyuska as a junior professor in her department in order to receive more funding for the university's xenoarchaeology and xenoanthropology programs from the Office of Naval Intelligence. She gave Iyuska a slew of introductory classes to teach and then discouraged her from applying for a grant to survey sites that may have been Precursor in origin unless she could frame her work as an attempt to locate the San'Shyuum, who had largely vanished from the galaxy following the Fall of High Charity with a refugee flotilla headed to Cloister.[1]

Created Conflict[edit]

After Cortana ascended to power, ONI went underground and much of the university's xenoarchaeology funding dried up with it. At this point, it is highly likely that Cadence secured funding for several projects, including an expedition to try to locate the San'Shyuum, from a "Sangheili collector" - Eto 'Saljhoo - who was in fact a front for the Banished. She may have mentioned Iyuska's research to 'Saljhoo as well, as she was approached by the Sangheili soon after.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Cadence had a poor relationship with Iyuska, as the latter described her as a "jealous cow". She also held out hope that the San'Shyuum would return to the galaxy, a belief that Spartan Olympia Vale describes as delusional. [1]

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