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Zef 'Trahl
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"What does it mean to be 'Covenant' today? A hundred warlords claim they rule the Covenant, but each of them leads only a small faction."
— Zef 'Trahl to Thomas Lasky about Vata 'Gajat's affiliation

Zef 'Trahl is a Sangheili mercenary and informant living on Karava.[1]


After the Human-Covenant War, Zef saw the benefit of human capitalism and turned mercenary. At some point, he met the journalist Petra Janecek and became one of her most adept informants; being able to ascertain Thomas Lasky's identity and background before the latter took no more than three steps off Janecek's ship.[1]

In March 2558, Zef met Petra, Captain Thomas Lasky, and Spartan Naiya Ray at a bar in Kor Delban. He gave them important information about Vata 'Gajat, as well as the identity of Daniel Clayton, the UNSC traitor who had compromised the location of the Sangheili-Jiralhanae peace talks.[1]

'Trahl has also worked for the Banished, though with less enthusiasm than his work for the UNSC. He has supplied the Banished with bad information on at least one occasion, leading him into an armed confrontation with a Banished hunting party consisting of a human and three Kig-Yar. While initially outnumbered, he was able to dispatch the Kig-Yar and wound the human - though chose to keep the human alive so that he could relay a warning to his officers in the Banished that 'Trahl would not go down without a fight.[2]


Zef wears a black Ascetic harness.[1] He has been seen to use an M392 "Bandit" marksman rifle manufactured by Sevine Arms.[2]

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