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Kasha 'Hilot
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Hilot, Sanghelios[1]





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"I have already chosen the spot on your neck where my blade belongs."
— Kasha 'Hilot[1]

Kasha 'Hilot is a Sangheili of the Swords of Sanghelios. Formerly an administrator of civil affairs in Hilot on Sanghelios, she currently serves as the second-in-command of security for the Onyx United Research Project on the shield world of Trevelyan, a joint research project between the Swords of Sanghelios and the Unified Earth Government.[1]


"I will tell you the most important lesson I learned in that time: only by acting in concert with others can you build an army. Only armies can defend worlds. A single warrior on his own is worthless."
— Kasha 'Hilot[1]

Kasha 'Hilot was born in the city-state of Hilot on Sanghelios, the homeworld of the Sangheili. It was her duty to manage various affairs in the state, with a dozen keeps under her purview, housing thousands of families. Her mate was Gerdon 'Hilot, the kaidon of Hilot. Following the Covenant's demise at the end of the Human-Covenant War in 2553, Arbiter Thel 'Vadam sought for peace and a close relationship with humanity. However, various other Sangheili disagreed, leading to the Blooding Years, a civil war that embroiled Sanghelios. Gerdon agreed with the Arbiter and rallied his state behind 'Vadam, under the banner of the Swords of Sanghelios. During the civil war, Gerdon was killed in combat. In the resulting chaos, 'Hilot took charge of her state until the conflict died down. Afterwards, she gave control of Hilot to her mate's best friend, who subsequently became the kaidon of the state. She briefly remained to advise her new kaidon's own mate, Dinnat, though Kasha did not stand in her way as she believed that her former job was now hers.[1]

By 2554, serving under Franklin Mendez, 'Hilot left Sanghelios for the first time and became the second-in-command of security for the Onyx United Research Project, a joint research project between the Swords of Sanghelios and the Unified Earth Government to combine their efforts while combing the shield world of Trevelyan for useful Forerunner technology. As the project grew, a settlement was established known as Paxopolis. At some point after March of that year, 'Hilot and Mendez met with Lucy-B091 and Tom-B292, who where assigned to assist with security on the shield world. While 'Hilot and Tom were discussing the Spartans, a soldier of the United Nations Space Command on shore leave overheard their conversation and believed that she was insulting the supersoldiers. While his companions watched, the soldier soon grew enraged, believing that 'Hilot played a part in the Covenant War, and initiated a brawl with the Sangheili. However, Tom intervened and quickly defeated the soldier. Mendez and Lucy then returned, with the former ordering the soldiers to return to their transport, their shore leave now cancelled. Afterwards, Mendez spoke to Hugo Barton, commander of the project, about not lowering the standards used to vet soldiers stationed on Trevelyan to prevent such an incident from occurring again.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

"Fighting is easy. Anyone can wield a weapon. We take care of the complicated things. Families and business. It is much more difficult to build than to destroy."
— Kasha 'Hilot, on traditional Sangheili gender roles[1]

Kasha 'Hilot was a traditional Sangheili and highly valued teamwork, believing that it was a vital skill. From her experience of managing the state of Hilot, she came to believe that a single warrior was useless, but by acting in concert with others, a warrior could build an army to defend worlds. She held the traditional Sangheili beliefs that females should be responsible for clan matters and business, while males are responsible for warfare and other martial matters. 'Hilot believed that fighting was easy, but taking care of family and business matters was much more difficult. She occasionally yearned for the old ways of the Covenant, though 'Hilot was glad that the Sangheili were no longer in service to the San'Shyuum.[1]

'Hilot learned English during the Human-Covenant War, believing that it would be a useful skill to have no matter which way the war went. Following the war's end, she had an excellent grasp on the language. 'Hilot was curious about the Spartans, whom she still occasionally referred to as "Demons". By 2554, 'Hilot was still becoming used to the idea of working together with humans under the Onyx United Research Project. When Lucy-B091 openly noted that she felt like she should be shooting 'Hilot upon seeing her for the first time, 'Hilot responded by commenting that she had already worked out on how she could kill Lucy if need be. However, when insulted and attacked by an enraged soldier of the United Nations Space Command, she showed restraint and refrained from harming him.[1]

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