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Zeta Doradus system

Orbital position:

Third planet inside Sarcophagus' orbit[1]





Mackintosh is the name given by the UNSC to a planet in the Zeta Doradus system that was once part of the Forerunner ecumene.[1]


During the time of the Forerunners, Mackintosh was a part of their ecumene. It possessed an installation that served as the home port to a Forerunner warship.[1]

In 2553, when the shield world Sarcophagus was brought out of its slipspace bubble, Mackintosh and two other planets in the Zeta Doradus system became enveloped by it.[2] Mackintosh ended up falling into the position of the third planet orbiting the shield world's artificial star.[1]

In 2558, Sarcophagus was returned to its slipspace bubble during the Second Onyx conflict for protection from the Created.[3] When the shield world returned to slipspace, it took with it the three planets that had been orbiting within it in real space, including Mackintosh. After Dural 'Mdama returned to the Servants of the Abiding Truth, the Huragok Even Keel suggested Dural move his base to Mackintosh. Keel admitted that the Forerunner warship had not been moved for many millennia and may require work to restore it to its full use, but the ship was habitable and accessible through Sarcophagus' slipspace portal network. After Keel assured him that there were also plenty of supplies and armaments, Dural chose to move the Servants to Mackintosh and the ship.[4]

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