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July 5, 2553[1]





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UNSC Marine Corps[2]




Sergeant Nguyen is a human UNSC Marine attached to Charlie Company of the 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion.[2]


A sergeant in the UNSC Marine Corps of East Asian-Australian descent, Nguyen was attached to the 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion's Charlie Company when the battalion was posted to the human Outer Colony of Gao in 2553 to retrieve Forerunner ancilla Intrepid Eye on the planet.[2]

When the battalion's encampment at the village of Wendosa came under attack, Charlie Company fought to fend off forces from the Keepers of the One Freedom and the Committee to Preserve Gao Independence. During the battle, on July 5, 2553, Spartan-III Mark-G313 of Blue Team had run out of "Smoothers"—drugs that controlled his more volatile and unpredictable augmentations. Suffering from paranoia, Mark mistook Nguyen for an infiltrator attempting to penetrate their position. Holding a combat knife to the sergeant's throat, Mark attempted to interrogate Nguyen when Lieutenant Fred-104 and Ash-G099 intervened. After the other Spartans succeeded in coaxing Mark to release Nguyen, the sergeant informed Fred that he was to take the recently captured Intrepid Eye to the battalion's command post, under Captain Baldric Breit's orders.[2] Nguyen led the Spartans to the command post, and the group fought through Keeper and rebel forces along the way. As the group attempted to make their way to Hotel Wendosa, Nguyen was shot and killed.[1]

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