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c. 2544[1]

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Kaidon 'Juran is a young Sangheili boy and the clan leader of the planet Rahnelo's largest settlement. He is the last living son of the late Tulum 'Juranai and the younger brother of the female warrior Tul 'Juran.[1]


"I hate them all!"
— The young kaidon, referring to Jiralhanae[2]

The youngest son of kaidon Tulum 'Juranai was born on Rahnelo, a Sangheili frontier colony, in the 2540s. Most of his older brothers were conscripted into the Covenant military during the Human-Covenant War, resulting in the deaths of all but two of his brothers. At their head keep, his older and only sister Tul 'Juran served as the kaidon's captain of the guard.[3]

In 2553, Rahnelo was attacked by Zanar-pattern light cruiser Spear of Light, under the command of San'Shyuum Prelate Tem'Bhetek. After destroying Rahnelo's spaceport and military bastions, the cruiser deployed Jiralhanae infantry to the planet's surface to engage the Sangheili residents. The boy's father and two older brothers led a charge against the Prelate and his Jiralhanae, but they were ultimately captured. The Prelate and his forces escaped shortly after and left the system. In accordance with Sangheili custom, the young male was bestowed with the mantle of kaidon following the absence of his father and elder brothers. Kaidon 'Juran inherited his father's possessions, among them likely a large glossy black du'nak cloak which he donned.[4]

After the attack, the young kaidon and his sister went out on a sledge gathering the bodies of the dead Sangheili to give them a funeral pyre. Three days later, while recovering the corpse of the miller Gol 'Rham, the siblings met Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum and Blademaster Vul 'Soran, who arrived on the planet in response to Rahnelo's distress call. After learning that the Prelate likely captured their family, Tul 'Juran requested 'Vadum for passage aboard his carrier and enlistment within his crew to carry out an invoked "right of release", a declaration of intent to free her captured family. Despite 'Soran's objections, 'Vadum agreed to Tul 'Juran's request. Rtas 'Vadum and the rest of his troops stayed long enough to help the Rahnelo settlers remove remaining corpses from their streets. One of the kaidon's first decisions was to bury the bodies of the Jiralhanae in large craters left on the road to the spaceport. 'Vadum thought this to be a wise solution as the settlers would be content, in the years to come, to let their du'naks trample on their attackers' graves as they transported loads to and from the port. The young kaidon later stood strong as his sister Tul left their keep and departed from Rahnelo aboard the Shadow of Intent.[5]

Although 'Vadum and Tul 'Juran were too late to save the lives of Tulum 'Juranai and his two sons, they did eventually locate and defeat the Prelate near Duraan. The kaidon's sister further aided 'Vadum in the eventual destruction of a prototype Halo installation commandeered by the Minister of Preparation, Boru'a'Neem. As a result, Tul 'Juran was given a permanent commission within the Swords of Sanghelios on 'Vadum's recommendation to the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam.[6]

Physical description[edit]

Being less than a decade old, the youth still had pale protective scales that hung from his neck.[1]

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