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Fied is one of three stars in the trinary Urs system. It orbits the primary star Urs along with the star Joori and at least four planets, which include the Sangheili homeworld Sanghelios.[1]


In pre-Covenant Sangheili mythology, Fied was another star deity in the pantheon of ancient Sangheili gods whose ruling lord was the sacred god-star Urs. Deemed the "dark star", Fied was a death god associated with the Sangheili underworld. The dark god resided in the Hall of Eternity, an unlit eternal hall where he walked never-endingly in worn sandals while carrying a lantern lit with Urs' flame. There he would roam and never stop calling out the names of dead Sangheili who died honorably, until the very last Sangheili in the universe breathed their last breath.[2]

After adopting the Forerunners as their new gods, many old Sangheili myths faded away but some were never forgotten.[3] Even well after the Covenant ended, the Sangheili still strived to die with honor so that their names would be remembered by Fied and be echoed throughout his hall forever.[4]

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