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Halo 4

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July 21, 2557




Search for UNSC forces and assist in driving off the attack on Infinity.

Par Time:

00:25:00 (Master Chief Collection-only)

Par Score:

25,000 (Master Chief Collection-only)


Halopedia has a walkthrough guide for this level; see Infinity (Halo 4 level)/Walkthrough.

Following the Didact to Infinity's crash site, Chief and Cortana descend into the surrounding swamp to rescue UNSC survivors.

Infinity is the fifth campaign level of Halo 4, and the fourth one with actual gameplay.

Completing the level on any difficulty grants the player the "Infinity" achievement, worth 10 Gamerscore ponits, while completing the level with no preventable Marine deaths on Heroic or Legendary difficulty unlocks the "Bros to the Close" achievement, worth 20 Gamerscore points.[1]

In Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the "Infinity" achievement can be unlocked with the same criteria and awards 10 Gamerscore points. "Bros to the Close", unlockable with the same requirements, awards only 10 Gamerscore points. Finding and accessing the terminal in the level unlocks the "Charum Hakkor" achievement, worth 5 Gamerscore points. Unlocking the "Ouroboros" and "Jungle Warfare" achievements require beating the level's 25 minute par time and 25,000 point par score, respectively.


John-117 arrives at UNSC Infinity's crash site to find UNSC forces overwhelmed by the Prometheans. After searching and finding a few squads of dead Marines, John eventually meets Thomas Lasky and Commander Sarah Palmer. Captain Andrew Del Rio orders ground teams to return to Infinity to repel the attackers, but Lasky cannot clear a landing zone. He asks John-117 to clear a landing zone for the UNSC forces in the swamp. John-117 finds an area occupied by the Covenant remnant, who have joined the Promethean forces, and clears it for a landing zone.

John-117 is then taken by a Pelican to Infinity's crash site, where he, along with several Spartan-IVs, clear a path to Infinity's hangar bay. Once he enters the ship, John-117 pilots a Mantis and heads through the service corridor to the top side of Infinity, where the Covenant remnant has set up three jammers to prevent the ship from firing her weapons at the Didact and the Covenant remnant's cruisers. John destroys the jammers, and holds out until he can reactivate the Infinity's MAC cannons. With Infinity's weapons all firing at his Cryptum, the Didact retreats after two Covenant Zanar-pattern light cruisers are destroyed.


A Covenant aircraft fleet rapidly approaches the Infinity.


Fade in to John-117, traversing a forest on his trek towards the grounded UNSC Infinity.

  • Cortana: "Stay low; recon sortie heading this way."

John hides himself beneath a tree as several Phantoms and Banshees speed towards the Infinity. The Didact's Cryptum holds position above the ship, sending out periodic scans over the hull.

  • Cortana: "The ship looks intact."
  • John-117: "Something tells me that's only because the Didact wanted it that way."
  • Commander Thomas Lasky (COM): "This is Lasky to UNSC Infinity. We're up to our necks in bad guys down here! Does anyone read?"
  • Lasky (COM): "Negative copy, sounded like you said "Forward Unto Dawn"? Come again-"

The transmission breaks up, leaving only static.

  • Cortana: "Signal's bouncing in and out; I can't clean it up."

John looks on as the Cryptum continues to scan the Infinity. Fade to black.



Another aerial squadron passes overhead while the Didact continues with his scans.

  • Cortana: "I'm seeing numerous IFF tags below the tree line. Painting the closest one on your HUD."

If the Chief approaches the cliff:

  • John-117: "That scan's the same one we saw on the Dawn."
  • Cortana: "Except now, the Didact's free to handle it personally."

John turns around and heads deeper into the jungle.

  • John-117: "They must not have received his distress call."

John continues on and reaches an opening between the trees, leading to a small clearing in the jungle. Three Promethean Knights phase away from the area, leaving three Marine corpses.

  • John-117: "Lasky?"
  • Cortana: "One of them's an officer. Check his IFF tag."

John accesses one of the corpses' IFF tag.

  • John-117: "Then Lasky's still out there somewhere."

(Subtitles only)

  • Marine #1: "I mean, c'mon, Sarge - who sends a recon downrange in the middle of a firefight?"
  • Marine #2: "What was that?"
  • Marine #1: "Tangos on our six!"
  • Marine #2: "Now they're be...AAAA"

John pushes on, fighting Prometheans, including Crawlers and Crawler Snipes. He reaches a small hilltop, where a Marine is being held in a chokehold by a Promethean Knight. The Marine defiantly shoves a grenade into the Knight, taking the Promethean with him. A small module is left behind after the Knight has dissolved.

  • Cortana: "Hold up, what was that he dropped on the ground over there?"

John picks up the Promethean vision module. He activates it, tinting the environment in blue; the Promethean hostiles patrolling below him are highlighted in red.

  • Cortana: "This is what they've been using to see through the fog."

John pushes on, eliminating the Prometheans he encounters.

  • Cortana: "We've got another IFF on the far side of this thicket."

Another fallen Marine lies ahead. John accesses the nearby tag.

  • Lasky (recording): "We should get eyes out there, looking for the others."
  • CPO Peters (recording): "CFB, ma'am. Bulldogs, on me! We're going for a walk."
  • Cortana: "Lasky's been through here, recently by the timestamp."

John continues on deeper into the jungle.

  • Cortana: "I've got another IFF tag, but as far as I can tell we're moving into a chokepoint. This may end up as a dead end."

John arrives at the entrance to a Forerunner structure, hidden beneath thick foliage. A stack of UNSC crates and weaponry lies outside the doorway, along with an IFF tag. Unlike the last tags, there are no nearby corpses.

  • Cortana: "That's the friend-or-foe tag, but where's whoever it belongs to?"

John accesses the IFF tag record.

  • Marine #3 (recording): "XO! We've got it!"
  • Palmer (recording): "Move, move, move!"
  • Marine #4 (recording): "Light's green!"
  • Marine #3 (recording): "C'mon, crank it!"
  • Lasky (recording): "Palmer, get your folks inside!"
  • Palmer (recording): "Yes, sir! Fours, go!"

Several NAV points appear behind the entrance.

  • Cortana: "Multiple IDs - Chief, they're friendlies!"


John and Palmer stand guard as Lasky communicates with Captain Del Rio.

Two SPARTAN-IVs exit as soon as the doorway opens, led by Sarah Palmer. They secure the area behind John as he observes them. Lasky approaches John.

  • Lasky: "Afraid we'll have to give you an IOU on that welcome home party."

The Commander shakes the Chief's hand.

  • Palmer: "Seal her up!"

Palmer turns around and approaches John, smiling.

  • Palmer: "I thought you'd be taller."

John stares at her wordlessly. Behind them, a radio sputters to life. The transmission is laced with static.

  • Del Rio (COM): "...ground forces are ordered to return to Infinity immediately!"
  • Marine: "Commander! Radio's hot!"

John and Lasky walks back inside, the SPARTAN-IVs following shortly after. The entrance seals itself behind them.

  • Del Rio (COM): "...respond to comm...on what frequency? What frequency, dammit?!"

Lasky kneels down next to the radio, while John and Palmer stands guard.

  • Lasky: "Infinity, this is Commander Lasky. Pelican recon teams are down - repeat, all birds are down! We've got numerous casualties and require immediate assistance, over!"
  • Del Rio (COM): "Finally... Did you get the coordinates to that gravity well?"
  • Lasky: "Affirmative, sir, but we're going to need a bus out of here-"
  • Del Rio (COM): "Make it happen!"

The transmission cuts off.

  • Cortana: "You were sent on a scouting run in the middle of an attack on the ship..."
  • Lasky: "The Captain thought Infinity could provide us cover and hold off the attack at the same time."

Palmer approaches the XO, frowning.

  • Palmer: "Sir...we'll never get the wounded back to the ship on foot."

Lasky stands up, facing the Chief.

  • Lasky: "I don't know if it's too soon to ask you for a favor, but...we're going to run out of breathing room here real quick. I don't suppose you're any good at clearing LZs?"
  • John-117: "On occasion. I'll send out an all-clear once the area's secured."

Fade to black.



John, accompanied by two Marines, leave the structure. Behind him is the third terminal.

  • Cortana: "A topographical scan of the area shows a break in the foliage north of here. Should be big enough to bring in a dropship for evac."

After engaging a small Promethean contingent, the squad moves forward.

  • Marine: "Oh man! Where's my CO? ...What do you mean he's gone?!"

A conversation can be heard from a nearby UNSC radio.

  • Marine #5 (COM): "Fall back! Infinity's being overrun!"
  • Marine #6 (COM): "Ship's as big as a city! How the hell can it be overrun?"

The transmission dissolves into gunfire, then static.

John pushes on and encounters a group of Marines, who are taking cover behind rows of sandbags while Prometheans assault their position.

  • Lasky (Video COM): "Chief, it's Lasky. We're getting reports of friendlies pinned down near your position. Can you assist?"
  • Cortana: "Commander, this is Cortana. We're on our way."

John joins the Marines, pushing back the advancing Crawlers. The Marines stare at the Chief in awe.

  • Marine #7: "Who's that?"
  • Marine #8: "I thought he was dead!"
  • Marine #9: "Holy mother of-"
  • Marine #10: "What. The. What?"

They push uphill. Promethean Watchers generate two beam turrets, while Knights and Crawlers attack the assaulting UNSC forces.

  • Cortana: "Turrets! Find some cover!"

If the Chief takes too long securing the area.

  • Cortana: "These teams won't last for long out here. Finding an LZ should be our top priority."

The squad clear the area, only to find a locked exit. Several dead Marines lie nearby, having failed to hold off the Prometheans.

  • Cortana: "The marines got trapped trying to get through these doors. Look for an interface!"

John uploads Cortana into a nearby pedestal.

  • Cortana: "These doors open into a cave system with a space large enough for an LZ. Hold them off long enough for me to open the doors!"

The UNSC forces defend the hill top. Marines man the machine gun turrets on the top of the hill and fire at the assaulting Prometheans, who send out wave after wave of infantry at the defenders.

  • John-117: "Cortana? How close are we?"
  • Cortana: (rampant) "You do your job and I'll do mine, okay?!"

The majority of the Prometheans are eliminated. The Marines stay behind as John moves into a small cavern.

  • Cortana: "Got it! Passageway's unlocked. Come and get me!"

John retrieves Cortana and enters the cave. His HUD is again distorted by static as Cortana deteriorates.

  • Cortana: "I'm sorry about back there. That hatch's security was more difficult than I expected."
  • John-117: "It's alright..."
  • Cortana: "It's not alright. Nothing about it is alright."

The tunnel leads to an open cavern. A Promethean Knight stands guard at the exit.

The Prometheans and Covenant remnant are now allies.
  • Cortana: "Knight! Wait...what's he doing?"

The Knight appears to be giving out orders to nearby Unggoy.

  • John-117: "Covenant?"
  • Cortana: "They're working with the Prometheans?"

John attacks the Prometheans and Covenant remnant troops, which include a significant number of Unggoy, Kig-Yar, and even a Kig-Yar Sniper.

  • Cortana: "I'm shocked how quickly the Didact has unified these Covenant!"

Phantoms arrive to drop off more Covenant troops, while several more Knights teleport into the cavern.

  • Cortana: "Knights!"

John eventually clears the area. A Pelican approaches the landing zone, opening its back hatch.

  • Cortana: "Cortana to Lasky. LZ is secured."
  • Lasky (Video COM): "Roger that, Cortana. I'll get you the coordinates for the-"
  • Del Rio (COM): "'Mayday! Mayday! Code Red! Hostile elements attempting to gain entrance to the Infinity bridge!"
  • Officer #1 (COM): "They're outside the hatch!"
  • Officer #2 (COM): "Door's breached! Door's breached!"
  • Del Rio (COM): "All units, return to Infinity immediately! That's an order!"
  • Lasky (Video COM): "Chief, I'm redirecting the SPARTAN-IVs to rally point Alpha-Sierra-Foxtrot! Until we catch up, you have tactical command of the forward assault force. Rendezvous with those men and take back that ship!"
  • John-117: "Yes, sir."
  • Lasky (Video COM): "Good luck, Chief. Lasky out."

John enters the Pelican. Fades to black.

  • Pelican Pilot (COM): "This is Pelican 595. We have the Chief onboard and are outbound for rally point Alpha-Sierra-Foxtrot."


John fights alongside the SPARTAN-IVs.

The Pelican drops John off in an open canyon, choked with dust and debris from the crashed Infinity. SPARTAN-IVs are engaging nearby Covenant infantry.

  • Cortana: "Weapons free, Chief! Let them have it!"

John boards a nearby Scorpion.

  • Cortana: "We're good to go, Chief. Let's show these Spartans how it's done."
  • SPARTAN-IV: "Ground teams, be advised: the Master Chief is on the field. Advancing."

Two SPARTAN-IVs board the nearby Warthog, while the rest ride shotgun on the Scorpion's treads. The assault force pushes through heavy Covenant fortifications, including Wraiths, Ghosts, deployable lookout towers, and infantry.

  • Lasky (COM): "117, Lasky. We're touching down just north of your position. Proceed to starboard hangar 2-19, and we'll link up with you there."

The assault force eventually arrives at a route leading down to a cargo elevator. Three SPARTAN-IVs are defending it against a Wraith and several Ghosts. The Chief provides assistance, disposing of remaining hostiles in the area.

  • Cortana: "Commander, the hangar bay doors are sealed tight."
  • Lasky (COM): "Roger, Cortana. We'll find a way inside and free up one of the mooring platforms. XO out."

The Chief enters the platform just as a large chunk of debris collapses, blocking the exit. The elevator seals itself and takes him up to hangar 2-19. More Spartans are combating Covenant forces, including a pair of Mgalekgolo.

  • Lasky (COM): "Secure the bay, and I'll release the lockdown on the ship."
  • System (PA): Alert - hull breach on Deck 13, Sector 5. Deck 25, Sector 12. Deck 131, Sector 7. Deck 270. Deck 895.

Together, the Spartans clear the hangar of Covenant troops.

  • Del Rio (Video COM): "Master Chief, this is Captain Del Rio. Lasky just radioed - you picked a helluva time to rejoin us!"
  • John-117: "Sir, what's our status?"
  • Del Rio (Video COM): "That satellite took down the ship's defenses and is extracting data from the ship's mainframes as we speak."
  • John-117: "Can we break the connection?"
  • Del Rio (Video COM): "Main point of contact's on the ship's upper hull; the fastest route is through the maintenance causeway. There's a Mantis docked inside the door. Take it. You'll need the extra firepower."

A doorway on the right opens, leading into a large chamber.

If the player ignores the doorway and walks to the far end of the bay:


If the player climbs the left catwalk:


If the player moves past the console and approaches the far doors.

  • Cortana: "Well, the Captain promised you firepower. This sure seems like an appropriate use for it."


  • Cortana: "Look for the Mantis controls.


  • Cortana: "That deployment console should open the Mantis bay."

John activates a control panel.




John-117 discovers his direct ticket to the Didact.
  • System (PA): Warning - operation of the Mantis Armored Defense System is prohibited without prior approval.

A circular plate in the room's center splits in two, and a Mantis emerges from below. John boards the bipedal mech.

  • Cortana: "The hatch to the maintenance causeway is jammed. Let's do something about it."

John, using the Mantis' armaments, destroys the hatch. He engages the Covenant and Prometheans occupying the maintenance causeway.

If the Chief stalls:

  • Cortana: "Chief, Infinity TAC-COM is reporting additional contacts on the outer deck. Pick it up, Chief!"
  • Cortana: "We're not doing the Infinity any good down here if the Didact's linked in from the outer hull."
  • Cortana: "Chief, we can't let the Didact get access to the Infinity's data stores. Let's get topside!"

  • System (PA): Condition Red - all personnel to emergency stations. Condition Red - all personnel to emergency stations.

John pushes on, wiping out Covenant forces infesting the causeways. Promethean Knights regularly phase in, but are easily killed by the Mantis' weapons.

  • System (PA): Warning - UNSC Infinity has descended below minimum safe attitude. Internal atmospheric pressure unstable.

John reaches the door to an elevator.

  • System (PA): Attention, Mass Deployment Bay vessels - emergency mooring procedure initiated. Bay doors will not respond to traffic control requests. Response crews are en route. Please avoid MDB F-959 until further notice.

John enters the elevator, eliminating a lance of panicking Unggoy.

  • Lasky (COM): "Chief, it's Lasky. Come in."
  • John-117: "Go, Commander."
  • Lasky (COM): "We've identified several Covenant jamming devices on the outer hull."
  • Cortana: "That might be how they're blocking the Infinity's defenses."
  • Lasky (COM): "Exactly what we were thinking. Neutralize them, so we can get our guns back online and show that satellite we are more than just a big paperweight."

The elevator stops.

  • Cortana: "We're on it, Commander. Cortana out."


John fights off the Covenant in a Mantis.

John leaves the hallway and arrives at the upper hull. The Cryptum is hovering directly in front of the Infinity, scanning the ship's systems. Eight Covenant Zanar-pattern light cruisers are holding position over the ship, sending swarms of Phantoms and Banshees against the Infinity's Pelicans. The ship's point-defense weaponry are all offline, courtesy of the three jammers lying on the far side of the area.

  • Cortana: "I see the jammers, three of them. Shoot them down!"

John destroys one of the jammers. The cannon behind the jammer activates and begins to fire at approaching Phantoms.

  • Cortana: "First jammer disabled."

John destroys the second jammer. Another anti-air gun reactivates itself.

  • Cortana: "That's two..."

John destroys the last jammer. The point-defense autocannons are now fully operational.

  • Cortana: "That's it - jammers neutralized!"

Even more Phantoms arrive, sending waves of Covenant infantry against the Chief. Many Sangheili Rangers and Unggoy wielding fuel rod guns attack the Mantis. The Cryptum moves closer towards the ship.

  • Del Rio (COM): "Del Rio to Master Chief. The rate that thing is searching our systems just doubled - I think it knows what you're up to."
  • Cortana: "The Didact's not letting go without a fight."

More Phantoms land and deploy troops to attack John. By this point, the Infinity's missile batteries have been reactivated.

  • Cortana: "Hold them off..."

Banshees and Phantoms push on to attack the ship, but most of them are destroyed by the anti-air defenses. The rest are neutralized by John.

  • Cortana: "Just a few more minutes!"

The Infinity's defenses eventually cripple two of the light cruisers, setting them ablaze. The two ships begin to lose altitude.

If Covenant stragglers remain present on the hull:

  • Cortana: "I'm still seeing targets. Finish them off!"

John clears the hull of Covenant. Phantoms stop entering the area.

  • Cortana: "That's how it's done."
  • Del Rio (COM): "Captain Del Rio to Sierra-117. The MAC network's reading operational, but our EM relays are malfunctioning. You'll have to initiate the link manually."

John approaches the MAC network's control panel and activates it.



  • Cortana: "That's it! MAC controls restored!"

The center MAC gun on the hull's platform reactivates and takes aim.

  • Del Rio (COM): "Forward MAC batteries - get that damn orb away from my ship! All cannons, fire at will!"

All of the Infinity's broadside defenses fire at Didact's Cryptum; a formation of Broadswords charges at the sphere, guns blazing. After taking several shots from the Onager, the Cryptum retreats into the jungle.

  • Cortana: "It's working! The Didact's retreating!"
  • Del Rio (COM): "Del Rio to Infinity, all hands. We are Condition Yellow...stand down. Section heads, report in; begin damage assessment."

Fade to black.


Requiem sensor data
Captain Del Rio, showing the coordinates that led his ship to Requiem.

The Infinity, damaged but intact, manages to take off. Captain Del Rio, Lasky, John and Palmer have gathered in the bridge, with Cortana at the holotank.

  • Del Rio: "What I want to know, people, is where the hell did those things come from?!"

Cortana projects a hologram of a Knight on the table.

  • Cortana: "It's possible that they're native to Requiem. Or...whatever counts as native for a Forerunner AI."
  • Del Rio: "We've never seen this type of offensive reaction from any of the other installations."
  • John: "Other installations?"

The Captain turns to his XO, annoyed.

  • Del Rio: "Mr. Lasky..."

Lasky brings up a hologram of a Halo installation.

  • Lasky: "Infinity's mission is to locate the remaining Halo rings, and establish permanent bases to study them for decommission."

The hologram shifts into an asteroid belt, with a UNSC facility built into the largest rock.

  • Lasky: "We've got locations up and running around Installations 05 and 03, but...lately, they've run into some setbacks."
  • Del Rio: "A science team got zapped excavating a Forerunner artifact. This...sensor data is all that was left."

The Captain brings up a new hologram: dozens of Forerunner glyphs arranged in a circular pattern, converging around the Didact's symbol.

  • Cortana: "Interesting...these symbols are a derivation of the Forerunner glyph system."
  • Del Rio: "And our geeks managed to pull some coordinates. I'll give you three guesses where it led."

Commander Palmer approaches Del Rio, handing over a tablet to him.

  • Palmer: "Sir, Gypsy Company is prepped and ready to roll on your orders."
  • Del Rio: "Thank you, Palmer. Mr. Lasky, you take point - I want boots on the ground in sixty."

The Chief is caught off-guard by Del Rio's orders.

Captain Del Rio confronts the Chief over their conflicting priorities.
  • John-117: "Captain?"
  • Del Rio: "This is a First Contact scenario, Master Chief. Priority is to free Infinity from Requiem's gravity well and file a threat assessment back at FLEETCOM."
  • Cortana: "You mean we're leaving?"
  • John-117: "Sir, Infinity drove the Didact back. He's vulnerable!"
  • Del Rio: "...he isn't the only one."

The Captain glares at the Chief one last time before leaving.

  • Del Rio: "You know, I'd think you, of all people, would appreciate the benefit of living to fight another day."

Del Rio departs from the bridge, leaving John and Cortana behind.

Fade to black. Level ends.



  • When the player arrives at the Forerunner structure, there are UNSC crates and weapons lying in front of the doorway. However, in the cutscene, said crates are not present.
  • If the player uses Promethean vision before viewing last IFF tags, there are five SPARTAN-IV's behind the door, but when the cutscene starts, there are only three SPARTAN-IVs, including Sarah Palmer.
  • One of the Mantis controls instructions is incorrect when the player is playing with Recon controller layout; it will instruct the player to press "A" to overload the Mantis' hydraulics system (melee), but the correct button is actually "B".
  • In the first part of the mission, some Alpha Crawlers mistakenly use Boltshots instead of the Suppressor.


  • The Halo 4 E3 2012 Stage Demo is a heavily modified and shortened version of this level.
  • It is possible to leave the playable area.
  • Palmer's quip about John's height is likely a reference to the oft-used Marine combat dialogue in Combat Evolved: "Woah, he's taller than I thought!"
  • Regardless of the weapons carried on before rallying to Alpha-Sierra-Foxtrot, your loadout will be always reset to the MA5D Assault Rifle and M395 DMR with the Promethean Vision as an armour ability once you touch down on the rally point.


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