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Hideo Wakahisa
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March 29, 2554[1]





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From Japanese ancestry


Hideo Wakahisa was a candidate of the SPARTAN-IV program.


Hideo Wakahisa was born on the human colony of Newsaka. As a child, he had traveled to the neighboring colony of Draco III, having visited New Albany with his mother on a business trip. During the Human-Covenant War, Wakahisa enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps, where he eventually became an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. After the war ended, he was recruited to join the second class of the SPARTAN-IV program. He underwent his Spartan augmentation procedures on Mars, where he met fellow recruit Edward Buck and befriended him, both sharing a common adoration for the Draconian city of New Albany.[2] Buck thought Wakahisa was reminiscent of his former squad-mate, the Rookie, and he considered Hideo to be a fine young soldier but a lousy card player.[3]


Weeks after their augmentations, both men headed off to a secret facility orbiting a dwarf planet to begin their Spartan-IV training. During a combat training exercise in the station's War Games chamber, the Spartans were pitted against automated turrets in a jungle environment with tunnel systems below. At the end of the exercise, Wakahisa failed to return from the field and could not be reached by communications. Commander Musa immediately dispatched personnel to go out and look for him. Former Spartan-III Jun-A266 found Wakahisa's murdered body in the tunnels with the Spartan-IV's electronic locators forcibly removed from his jaw and his head nearly torn off.

All Spartans were ordered to return in their quarters, as Musa and Jun began investigating and limiting the number of suspects responsible for the murder. They soon confronted Spartans Edward Buck, Michael Crespo, and Kojo Agu in their private quarters. Jun revealed that a medallion belonging to Crespo was found on Wakahisa's body, but Alpha-Nine insisted that they were not responsible for the murder. Crespo divulged that he kept the medallion in his unlocked footlocker and he believed someone stole it from him. Musa then ordered Jun to search the station's security footage of the locker room to find any further leads. As the investigation moved forward, additional information was uncovered and revealed that Spartan trainee Rudolf Schein was responsible for Wakahisa's murder. Rudolf Schein was part of the United Rebel Front and had attempted to recruit fellow Spartans for the Front. Schein had killed Wakahisa when he refused to be swayed and threatened to report him. Musa, Jun, and Captain O'Day confronted Schein in the station's recreational room where he attempted to blow up the entire station. Schein was killed when he detonated explosives in the room and was pulled out into the vacuum of space. After the incident, Musa contacted Buck, Crespo, and Agu and informed them of the events that had just transpired.[3] Buck was dismayed about Wakahisa's death, knowing that his pal never got to utilize his talents as a Spartan.[2]


In Japanese, Hideo means "Excellent boy" and Wakahisa means "Forever young".

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