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c. January 30, 2560

Cause of death:

Killed by Banished forces

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Spartan Operations


Panago was a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier in the United Nations Space Command.


Installation 07[edit]

On December 12, 2559, Spartan Panago was onboard UNSC Infinity when it was ambushed by Banished forces upon arrival at Installation 07. As the Infinity fell to the Banished assault, Captain Thomas Lasky was evacuated from the ship, and Spartan Hudson Griffin ordered all Spartans to evacuate.[1] After making landfall on the ring, Panago rendezvoused with other UNSC forces at the wreckage of UNSC Mortal Reverie, which had been found by Spartan Vedrana Makovich and designated as a UNSC base of operations.[2]

On January 23, 2560, Spartan Griffin, the de facto leader at the crash site, proposed the Spartans to draw straws to participate in an assassination mission on the Banished War Chief Escharum.[3] Panago, along with Spartans Griffin, Henri Malik, and Sarkar were selected.[4] However, the assassination on Escharum failed, with Panago being reported as a casualty before Griffin himself was captured.[5]

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