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Unidentified ODST squad




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Orbital Drop Shock Troopers


Three ODSTs


This unidentified squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers participated in the Battle of Mombasa in an attempt to retrieve information that the Covenant were interested in.[1]


The squad was in New Mombasa, where they were ordered to rescue marines who had recovered information vital to the human war effort. The squad reached the marines, where they salvaged the intel, and hitched a ride on an AV-14 Hornet to the extraction zone. The squad then received an emergency broadcast from a downed Hornet, stating that it had a series of Forerunner glyphs. The squad then trekked their way to the site, recovering the glyphs and escaping the city before the Solemn Penance jumped into Slipspace.[2]

During the summer of 2557, nearly five years after their mission, the glyphs were eventually deciphered, pointing to a region on Gamma Halo that contained an unidentified Forerunner machine.[2]

The squad's mission in New Mombasa was later featured as a training simulation in the UNSC Tactical Simulator, albeit with a lone Spartan-IV in the place of the ODSTs.[1]

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