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This unidentified Headhunter was a Spartan that participated in Battles of Installation 03 and New Phoenix.[1][2]


Gamma Halo[edit]

In July of 2557, UNSC personnel on Ivanoff Station detected a faint signal originating on Gamma Halo. The signal was soon discovered to be emanating from the Conduit,[3] a Forerunner artifact believed lost during the Battle of New Mombasa. A Spartan-IV Headhunter[1] was send to investigate, aided by Lieutenant Kwon.[3] However, Jul 'Mdama's Covenant succeeded in picking up the signal moments before the UNSC did, and a fleet traveled to Installation 03 to recover the Conduit.[4]

When the Covenant succeeded in recovering the Conduit, they sought to bring the device to the Altar on Installation 03. There, the Covenant intended to use the Conduit to open slipspace portals for Prometheans to invade Gamma Halo and give themselves control over the installation.[4] To prevent the UNSC from finding the Conduit's exact location, the Covenant jammed the device's signal frequency. The Spartan was deployed to a jungle on Gamma Halo via HEV, where he battled his way through Covenant forces and destroyed the five signal jammers.[5] Afterwards, the Spartan wiped out Covenant forces in the area to allow the UNSC to deploy three signal beacons that boosted the signal transmitted from the Conduit. The Conduit's signal was soon traced to a nearby Forerunner structure, though its entrance was blocked by a Promethean-designed gate.[6] A squad of UNSC Marines captured a Covenant Wraith, and the Spartan was directed to their position.[7]

Manning the Wraith, the Spartan returned to the gate and deactivated it by destroying its power core with the Wraith's cannon.[8] When the Spartan arrived at the structure, he was attacked by a Promethean Knight. It soon became apparent that the Covenant had established a relay station to create false signal to distract the UNSC. However, Kwon determined that the relay station's database could still be used to pinpoint the current location of the Conduit. After the Spartan activated three transmitters, the UNSC was able to discover the Conduit's whereabouts. Fighting past Promethean forces, the Spartan regrouped with a squad of Marines.[9] Operating a Kestrel, the Spartan fled the area, while the Marines held off oncoming Prometheans. The Spartan eventually managed to escape aboard a Pelican dropship.[10] Meanwhile, the Covenant discovered the Altar and prepared to release their Promethean allies upon the installation, certain that victory was theirs. However, the Spartan was sent to stop them.[4]

While en route to the Altar, the Pelican was shot down by the Covenant. However, the Spartan survived the crash. While engaging Covenant forces, the Spartan discovered a deactivated portal that led to the Altar. Using bioscan platforms to initiate the portal's power stations, the Spartan activated the portal and entered it.[11] Kwon determined that a Scorpion main battle tank would be needed in order to break past the Altar's defenses. However, the presence of numerous Anti-Aircraft Wraiths prevented the UNSC from delivering the tank via Pelican. After destroying three AA Wraiths, the Spartan traveled to the landing zone, where the Pelican dropped off the Scorpion.[12] Fighting past Covenant forces in the Scorpion, the Spartan traveled over a light bridge and reached the Altar. The Covenant attempted to stop his advance by setting up hard light barriers. After disabling the barriers, the Spartan engaged the Covenant forces within the area. The Spartan destroyed all Covenant forces at the Altar and finally retrieved the Conduit after killing the Sangheili Field Master that was carrying it.[13] Realizing that they had lost the battle, Covenant forces began to evacuate the ringworld.[14]

With the light bridges now shut down by the Covenant, Kwon directed the Spartan to a deactivated portal nearby. While holding off numerous Covenant and Promethean infantry, the Spartan rerouted the Altar's power stations to activate the portal. With the portal activated, the Spartan entered it and escaped the Altar.[15] Arriving in a jungle on Installation 03, the Spartan fought his way to the designated extraction point. When the Spartan arrived at the extraction point, he destroyed the Covenant and Promethean forces nearby to allow a Pelican to land. While the Conduit was given to UNSC personnel aboard the Pelican,[16] the dropship was damaged and was no longer capable of flying in space. As he held off Covenant forces, UNSC technicians repaired the Pelican. Once the dropship was repaired, it was forced to take off immediately to avoid further damage. The Spartan was directed to a Spirit dropship the Covenant was using to extract its troops off-world, where he killed the soldiers defending it. The Spartan used the Spirit to escape Gamma Halo, and rendezvoused with the Pelican that was carrying the Conduit in the installation's orbit.[14]

After returning to Ivanoff Station in a Pelican dropship with the Conduit, the Spartan received an emergency distress call from an Office of Naval Intelligence facility in New Phoenix on Earth. The researchers at the facility were studying a Forerunner artifact at the time of the battle. When the Covenant used the Conduit at the Altar, Forerunner portals were activated throughout the galaxy. One of the portals opened up in the ONI facility in New Phoenix, and Jul 'Mdama's Covenant and Promethean forces attacked the base. It was determined that the only way to close the portals was to bring the Conduit to New Phoenix. The Spartan traveled to the city with the Conduit, as the Battle of New Phoenix begun.[17]

New Phoenix[edit]

As Covenant and Promethean forces attacked researchers and UNSC Marine garrisons, the Spartan received an emergency distress call from the facility and traveled to the city to aid in the defense of New Phoenix, bringing the Conduit along to use it to help close the portal. The Spartan's initial landing zone was under heavy Covenant fire, so the supersolider was dropped off by a Pelican outside the facility's plaza. A team of researchers with knowledge on how to close the portal was pinned down by hostile forces at the Spartan's original landing point; the Spartan was tasked with rescuing them. With the support of the Marine garrison forces, the Spartan was able to operate a Scorpion tank and fight their way through hordes of Promethean Crawlers and Knights. Debris blocking the way forced the Spartan to abandon the Scorpion. The Headhunter continued on foot, battling Sangheili and Unggoy soldiers along the way. Upon arriving at the researchers' location, the Spartan wiped out the nearby Sangheili, Kig-Yar, and Unggoy troops. Once the Covenant forces were eliminated, the Spartan met with the three surviving researchers.[18] The research team decided that they needed to use the Conduit to close the portal. The Spartan escorted the team to the research facility's primary laboratory in the inner campus, so they could use the Conduit to end the invasion.[19]

Upon arriving at the lab, the group discovered that it was on locked down during the attack. While the research team unlocked the lab's doors, the Spartan defended them from oncoming waves of Promethean forces. After the researchers opened the doors, the entered the lab and locked the doors behind them. The Spartan continued to protect the doors from waves of Covenant soldiers and Prometheans, as the researchers worked inside. The facility's final lockdown systems were eventually turned online and the researchers became fully protected inside the lab.[19] With the base-wide security lockdown prevented hostile forces from breaching the lab, the Spartan was ordered to establish a communication link with the researchers. Manning a Kestrel, the Spartan was directed towards the research facility's communications center on the opposite side of the base. The Headhutner was forced to destroy the facility's security doors to make their way to the comm center, while fighting past numerous Covenant and Promethean forces in the Kestrel. Upon arriving at the comm center, the Spartan learned that its doors were locked. While Kwon worked to override the doors' security, the Spartan held off attacking Promethean and Covenant forces. Soon, the Spartan was able to enter the comm center after Kwon managed to unlock the doors. Once inside, the supersoldier established contact with the researchers.

After establishing contact with the ONI researchers, the Spartan learned that the inner campus had been breached by Prometheans. In order to aid the researchers, the facility's security lockdown needed to be overrided to give the Spartan access to the researchers' lab. Kwon ordered the Headhunter to wipe the data from three security consoles. The Spartan battled their way back towards the campus, fighting past Prometheans and Covenant soldiers, as well as Wraiths. After wiping the data, the Spartan returned to the comms center and rebooted the security system. Now having access to the researchers' lab, the Spartan returned to the main campus. Meanwhile, the researchers discovered that the Forerunner device they had been studying is the main power source of the portal. After eliminating a group of Promethean Watchers, the Spartan was cornered near the main campus. However, the Spartan was able to fight off the Promethean waves and arrived at the inner campus.

The Spartan made their way to the main source of the power and guided the researchers to the consoles throughout the area. Once the researchers were at their posts, they began working to shut down the portal. Inside, the Prometheans and the Covenant attacked in huge waves, determined to prevent the UNSC from closing the portal. The Spartan protected each researcher individually as they began to activate the first pillar required to shut down the portal. One by one, the Spartan was able to provide support while the researchers activated the first pillar. The Spartan used to the same tactic to activate the second pillar. After fighting hordes of enemy forces, the Spartan was eventually able to allow the researchers to activate the third pillar. After all the pillars were activated, the Spartan aligned the Forerunner symbols on each on to the Forerunner artifact in the center of the room. After fighting past more Covenant forces, the Spartan inserted the Conduit into the Forerunner artifact. The artifact released a charge which shut down all portals in the city. After this, he was extracted by another Spartan.[20]

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