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United Republic of North America, Earth


Berkeley is a city on the west coast of the United Republic of North America, Earth.[1]


In 2552 at the beginning of the Battle for Earth, a Covenant starship arrived in the area and began deploying Seraph fighters. Kamal Zaman and his family witnessed it first hand. Air raid sirens were used to warn of the attack.[2][Note 1]

Government and society[edit]

The city has a police force.[1]

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  1. ^ This is derived from numerous pieces of information from within the Axon Clips including: Chapter 12 which mentions Kamal taking a flight back to the west coast; Chapter 9 where Sophia mentions that one of the people she is talking to isn't a Berkeley police officer and Kamal having to take a packbus to Reno, Nevada as his first stop; Chapter 10 where Kamal mentions waiting for said bus outside of Oakland.


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