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The Berkeley Police Department was the municipal law enforcement agency of the city of Berkeley, California in the United Republic of North America on Earth. It was founded in 1909.

The department was still active in the twenty-sixth century, by which time it had acquired a reputation for the liberal application of their shock sticks.[1]

In 2552, at least one of the department's officers had been paid off by the gangster Aiden Maki, who was consequently allowed to operate his illegal visa operation unmolested.[2] After Kamal Zaman agreed to work for him setting up illegal chatter accounts, Maki had one of his contacts within the department raid his apartment in an effort to evaluate Zaman's ability to work under pressure. This attempt failed, however, when Zaman had his fiend Hiroyuki call in a priority one alert (Officer Under Fire) at another location, causing the officer to respond there as backup.[1] Several weeks later, Maki was arrested and turned over to immigration police, apparently after having failed to pay sufficient bribes to his Berkeley Police contacts.[3]

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