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Aiden Maki
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"Aiden doesn't do understanding. Aiden does charm and he does excitement."
— Sophia Bossedon

Aiden Maki is a gangster living on Earth, who specializes in acquiring visas for immigrants.


Maki has a playful personality. He also has a tendency to cheat on his girlfriends. While his playfulness may make him appear to be stupid, he can be quite serious if he needs to be.

He hired Kamal Zaman for a few jobs in exchange for sending his parents to Earth. Aiden maintains a wide network of associates, and pays bribes to officials to pass refugees through Earth immigration. Prior to the glassing of Coral, he was arrested for violation of immigration law and many of the visas he had provided, including that of Sophia Bossedon, were canceled. However, the planet was glassed before Sophia could be deported. It is implied that his arrest was due to failure to make due on a bribe. He dated Sophia for a while, but ultimately supported her marrying Kamal.[1]


  • He wears his hair in a ponytail. Kamal and Hiroyuki agree that it looks attractive.
  • Aiden is voiced by actor Keisuke Hoashi.

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