URNA Southwest Campaign

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Battle of Installation 05, Fall of High Charity, Onyx Conflict


Scramble onboard Forerunner Dreadnought, Battle for Earth, Second Battle of Mombasa, Third Battle of Mombasa, Operation: MARSH FLASH


Battle of Installation 00

URNA SW Campaign


Battle for Earth, Human-Covenant War


November 10 - December 3, 2552[1]


Arizona, URNA


UNSC victory


United Nations Space Command



High-value Jiralhanae leaders


Jiralhanae leadership clusters[1]


The URNA Southwest (SW) Campaign was a military campaign waged by the United Nations Space Command during the Battle for Earth at the end of the Human-Covenant War.[1]


By November 10, 2552, the Covenant had began to excavate and occupy built-up positions centered at Free-fire Area OZONE in Arizona, United Republic of North America. On November 17, Covenant battlenet cohesion broke with the departure of the Prophet of Truth through the portal to Installation 00. UNSC forces took advantage of this windfall and began a counteroffensive. On November 19, UNSC flagword LUX was declared and a UEG emergency evacuation broadcast was initiated in anticipation of a tactical nuclear deployment against shielded enemy positions at OZONE, which followed shortly after. On December 3, Fleet Admiral Harper directed Operation: MARSH FLASH, which successfully eliminated clusters of high-value Jiralhanae leadership attempting to activate an artifact at OZONE.[1]


November 10, 2552

November 17, 2552

  • UNSC forces launch a counteroffensive against the Covenant at free-fire area OZONE.

November 19, 2552

  • 0630 hours: UNSC flagword LUX is declared and UEG emergency broadcast is initiated.
  • 0700 hours: A tactical nuclear deployment is carried out against multiple shielded Covenant positions.

December 3, 2552

  • Operation: MARSH FLASH successfully eliminates clusters of Jiralhanae leadership attempting to activate an artifact at OZONE.[1]