Battle of Sector Six

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Battle of Mare Erythraeum


Battle of Cleveland, Scramble onboard Forerunner Dreadnought


Recovery of John-117

Battle of Sector Six
Battle of Sector Six 03.png


Human-Covenant War


November 17, 2552[1]


Sector Six,[2] Pakistan-Afghanistan border region[note 1]


UNSC victory

  • Spartan-117's reentry trajectory calculated, leads to his recovery[3]

United Nations Space Command

Covenant Loyalists

  • Unknown

Heavy Marine casualties, at least one ODST WIA and one KIA

Unknown number of Brutes (about 10 shown), one Brute Chieftain, at least one Banshee


A battle occured in Sector Six between UNSC and Covenant forces during the Battle for Earth.[4][2] It took place near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.[note 1]

The battle[edit]

The ODST pair, Bravo-21 and Bravo-22, were tasked with calculating the crash site of the Master Chief who was on his way to Earth, having jumped out of the Forerunner Dreadnought. Meanwhile, a Marine Battalion was assigned the objective of holding off the Covenant forces in the area until the Spartan's re-entry. After retrieving a laser designator, a Pelican dropship dropped off a Warthog for the two ODSTs, who drove it along a highway to the rest of the Marines' position in Sector Six. Bravo-22 was injured during the ride by a Spiker round, but he was able to carry out the mission.[4]

Upon arriving at the Marines' position, the ODSTs joined them in holding the Covenant off until the Master Chief's re-entry. A Phantom arrived, dropping off Covenant reinforcements, including a Jiralhanae Chieftain who killed Bravo 21 after he had neutralized two other Jiralhanae. Meanwhile, the rest of the Marines were being overrun by the Covenant forces, including air support by Banshees. Bravo 22's wounds were treated by Corpsman R. Coney, while the rest of the Marines started to fall back. One Marine took over the Warthog's gun and used it to kill two Jiralhanae before he himself was killed by a fuel rod cannon blast from a Banshee. A Marine named Scottlee was pinned to a wall by Spiker rounds. As Coney was cutting him loose, Bravo 22 opened the laser designator and successfully tracked Spartan-117's re-entry vector. After succeeding in their mission, the UNSC survivors fell back into a bunker, killing the Jiralhanae Chieftain just as the bunker's doors closed.[2]


Numerous Marines were killed in the fighting, and Bravo 22 was injured along with many of the other Marine survivors. The battle is referred to as "a mission that may secure the salvation of the entire galaxy",[5] and it indeed was: Bravo-22 was able to track Master Chief's landing point with the laser designator, allowing the UNSC forces to quickly locate the Spartan[3] and use him for stopping the Prophet of Truth's plans.


  • The battle is seen in the Halo 3 short, Halo: Landfall. The exact coordinates for the setting seen in Halo: Combat are 32°53′12″N, 69°27′48″E.
  • In Halo 3, Master Chief is seen falling out of the sky during nighttime, but in the video of this battle, the Marines track him plummeting towards Earth during the day, which means that the crash zone and the battle are in different time zones. Indeed, the Master Chief ends up falling near Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, far from the location of Sector Six.


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  1. ^ a b In the Earth locations section of Halo Encyclopedia (page 285 of the 2009 edition), a battle is mentioned as happening at the Pakistan/Afghan border during the second battle of Earth (the events of Halo 3). Given the coordinates and timeline provided by the Halo: Landfall shorts, it is likely these two events and the location are connected.