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James James
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Below Gunnery Sergeant (Ret.)

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James James (formerly James Lee) was a Spartan-I and former United Nations Space Command serviceman.[1] He drove a black cab, a form of vehicle that could get an individual from point A to B without any electronic trail.[2]


ORION Project[edit]

During his UNSC service, he was involved in the ORION Project, and received augmentations that he would later pass on to his daughter. He was demobilised from the UNSC after the ORION Project was deactivated.

Civilian life[edit]

At some point, he was involved with Gilly, a fellow SPARTAN-I. This led to the birth of a child, Janissary James, in 2535. Janissary and James lived a normal early life until 2541,[3] when a man came looking for gifted children. Due to her passing all of her tests and having exceptional skills at hopscotch, the man wanted to recruit Janissary for the SPARTAN-II Program. However, when he came for her, her father James shot and killed the ONI Agent. Afterward, to hide from the UNSC, they moved around frequently to avoid people picking up their trail.[4]


In 2552 he was killed by Thin Kinkle, one of the criminals from the Crystal Security mob syndicate.

Thin Kinkle had kidnapped his daughter Janissary James after Jan foiled a rape that Kinkle had set up as a gang initiation test. While she was imprisoned, Kinkle tortured her using a Cupid's Knife. The device would inflict pain up her, should she feel anything but love for him. When James tried to rescue her, Kinkle killed him in front of her, and then turned on the Knife.[5] Jan was eventually rescued by her mother, Gilly, and she lived with guilt over her father's death. She, Gilly, and Gladys Wilson later launched a raid on Crystal Security, killing Thin and his boss Monster Ann in retribution for Jim's death.


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