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Jillian was Rion Forge's aunt, and a relative of John Forge.[1]


In August of 2530, when Rion's mother refused to take Rion to meet her father, John Forge, Jillian offered to take her instead. Soon after arriving at a lounge in Chicago, Jillian was approached by a drunk Lieutenant Prosser, who made rude comments towards Jillian and Rion. Jillian struck Prosser but he shoved her against the wall, with his forearm on her throat, pressing hard.[1] It was at this time John Forge arrived and stopped Prosser, engaging him in a fist fight, which required three MP's to haul Forge off of the Lieutenant. Lieutenant Prosser later attempted to file assault charges against Forge. John was incarcerated for striking a superior officer, but all charges against him were dropped after Rion testified that he had saved her life, while Prosser eventually faced a court-martial. John Forge was later reassigned to the UNSC Spirit of Fire personally by Admiral Preston J. Cole.[2] A few years prior to John's father's death, Jillian left Chicago to take a job at a corporate law firm in Sydney, Australia. There, she eventually died.[3]

Personality and traits[edit]

As a child, Rion adored Jillian. She thought her fun and gorgeous and believed that she was always game for anything.[3]


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