University of Calippus

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The University of Calippus was a human educational institution during the early twenty-sixth century.

In 2524 Dr. Catherine Halsey and Lieutenant Jacob Keyes were reunited while attending a conference at the university. It was during this encounter that the two conceived their daughter, Miranda.[1][Note 1]


The university's location is not specified, however it is possible that it is located on or near the Calippus crater on Luna.

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  1. ^ Halsey's journal entry is dated November 17, 2524, and Halsey writes as though the events occurred recently. However, Miranda Keyes was born February 28, 2525, which would place the date of their rendezvous in late May or early June 2524. Although Halsey often went months and even years without writing in her journal, there is another entry in August which makes no mention of the incident or her pregnancy. It is therefore possible that the date of the journal entry is anachronistic, and should be dated five months earlier.


  1. ^ Dr. Halsey's personal journal, November 17, 2524