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Were you looking for Captain Gibson, a member of the Office of Naval Intelligence?
Henry Gibson
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January 2525

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  • First human to encounter a member of the Covenant
  • The first casualty in the Human-Covenant War

Henry "Hank" Gibson was the captain of the human freighter, This End Up. During his life, he always found that piloting a ship by himself - with only the minimum aid from a computer - gave him his greatest joy.[1] He was the first human to ever come face-to-face with a member of the Covenant, the only human known to have been killed by a Huragok, and could be considered the first casualty of the Human-Covenant War.


Gibson served on civilian cruise ships, including the luxury liner Two Drink Minimum, for nearly fifteen years, enjoying the ability to steer without aid and the time away from his two ex-wives, but found the constant noise to be too much for him and left his position to instead operate his own freighter hauling products from Harvest. His personal touch helped distinguish him from other services and brought him a great deal of respect.[1]

In January 2525, a Covenant boarding party invaded his ship in search of Forerunner relics they had believed to be onboard. The ship's slipspace engine, maser and maneuvering rockets were damaged in the attack, which Gibson initially mistook as the work of pirates, rather than aliens.[2] He nearly succeeded in killing an Unggoy named Dadab, using a fire extinguisher as a weapon, but was killed by a rock to the forehead thrown by Dadab's Huragok companion Lighter Than Some.[3]


  • The prototype JOTUN Harvester on his ship was inspected by Lighter Than Some, and later served as the Huragok's inspiration for a vehicle that would come to be known as the Brute Chopper.
  • He is the only known being to be killed by a Huragok, as they are a species that abhor violence.

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