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Laine Forge
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Laine Forge is the mother of Rion Forge and the former wife of the late Sergeant John Forge.[1]


Mother and wife[edit]

While living on Earth, Laine married John Forge, a non-commissioned officer in the UNSC Marine Corps. Around 2525, she gave birth to their daughter, Lucy Orion "Rion" Forge.[2] As John was sent on deployment after deployment over the years, Laine would worry and hope for his safe return, so much so that she began to wear herself out.[3] When John did return for his brief shore leaves, he would spend most of his time with Rion. Their relationship grew stronger and stronger while John's marriage with Laine began to fracture; the two of them rarely spoke to each other.[2] Laine also began to develop a rough relationship with her young daughter,[3] leading to Rion growing closer to her aunt Jillian instead.[2]

After John Forge and the UNSC Spirit of Fire went missing in 2531 and nothing was heard for years on end, Laine had given up hope that he was alive, resolving to move on with her life. Sometime around 2541 or 2542, Laine conceived a child with another man. Shortly after this, Rion—not knowing that her mother was pregnant—decided to run away and go looking for her father, whom she believed was still alive somewhere in the galaxy. Rion was sixteen at the time.[3]

Living on Sonata[edit]

At some point after Rion left and before Cayce was born,[3] Laine decided to move from Earth to the Outer Colony agricultural world of Sonata in the Helice-12 system. She would come to own a small farmhouse just off of a dirt road on the outskirts of Lanchessa. Both the house and the wall surrounding the property were made of a striated indigo stone.[1] Cayce was born shortly after Laine settled on Sonata.[3] She would communicate with her daughter at least once in the four years after Rion ran away, but no more after that.[1] Rion had given Laine her waypoint contact information, but neither of them had attempted to reach out after those four years away. Laine hadn't even told her daughter about her half-brother Cayce. Despite her unwillingness to contact Rion, she missed her and would look at old photographs of her.[3]

In 2558 when Rion had become one of the Office of Naval Intelligence's most wanted fugitives due to 343 Guilty Spark travelling with her aboard the Ace of Spades, ONI agents visited Laine to ask if she had any idea of her daughter's whereabouts. She truthfully told them that she hardly knew Rion anymore and had no idea where she was. Once Laine was questioned, the operatives then interviewed the rest of the small community. In the event that Rion ever showed up, agents were stationed nearby and they also provided Laine with a transponder to activate if she appeared.[3] Likely unbeknownst to her, ONI also installed a miniature stealth drone on the roof of Laine's farmhouse—one of three place around the community—that could stealthily tag Rion or her transport with a tracker.[4]

After the fate of her father was revealed to her, Rion tracked down Laine and travelled to Sonata as she felt that her mother should both have closure and know that John Forge died a hero, saving humanity from a massive fleet of Covenant-controlled Forerunner warships. When she arrived, Laine invited her in and offered her a glass of her own freshly-made agani juice. Rion started to say that she had news about her father, to which Laine responded by asking if he was dead. What followed was a brief and vitriolic argument regarding John Forge's death and how Laine never told Rion about Cayce. Eventually, her daughter stormed out of the farmhouse and Laine activated the transponder.[3] While Rion talked briefly with Cayce outside, Crewman Lowell at ONI Axon Relay D-2713 in Lanchessa was alerted by the transponder, using the hidden drone to tag the fugitive's M274 Mongoose.[4]

Personality and traits[edit]

According to her daughter, Laine never cared for spending time in nature, taking walks in the park, or getting her hands dirty tending to plants.[1] By 2558, she had seemingly grown to like these things, even starting her own farm.[3] Cayce, her son, described her as being a "hard-ass."[3]

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