Mount Kilimanjaro Water Plant

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An overview of the facility

The Mount Kilimanjaro Water Plant was a large water purification facility in the East African Protectorate on Earth, once maintained by the Global Water Campaign. A part of the GWC's mission in the late 2400s to distribute purified water across the East African continent, the facility was used for the transport of snowmelt from Mount Kilimanjaro to the facility. From there, water was filtered and pumped around Africa,[1] likely via the GWC Trans-African Pipelines.

In the early 26th century, the Mount Kilimanjaro Water Plant was decommissioned by the UNSC and the facility had since fallen into ruins. The plant was later acquired by the UNSC in order to conduct classified military training exercises for entry and departure operations, and used as a War Games simulation.[1]

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