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Aranuka is vast city-platform built above the original Kiribati atoll of Aranuka, located just north of the equator, in the Gilbert Islands.


Prior to the 26th century, the island atoll of Aranuka had been swept beneath the ocean waves, leading its thousand inhabitants to construct a vast platform on which they established a new city. The city of Aranuka hosts the Aranuka Space Tether, which narrowly managed to survive the Human-Covenant War.[1][2]

During the Battle for Earth in 2552, thousands of Aranukan islanders were killed when the Covenant attacked and destroyed much of the original city-platform in their ruthless search for a supposed hidden Forerunner artifact. After the UNSC drove the Covenant away, the United Earth Government worked to reconstruct the city-platform as part of Project Rebirth. Despite it being restored into a tropical jewel of the Pacific, many citizens had not been eager to return to Aranuka after the war, and by 2558, the city still had a small population. In 2553, Molly Patel and her adoptive parents, Yong Lee and Asha Moyambe, moved to Aranuka from Wisconsin, URNA. Over the next five years, Molly adjusted to her new life there and also attended Admiral Harper High School.[3]

On October 31, 2556, the UNSC Buteo's Talon was docked with the tether's terminus.[4]


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