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Jack Pilvros Hannibal was a human businessman and the founder of the ordnance and matériel manufacturer Hannibal Weapon Systems.[1]


Humble beginnings[edit]

In 2474, the Hannibal family travelled to the Inner Colony of New Carthage and settled on thirty acres within Pori region. This land would become the bustling city of Pilvros, named after Jack Pilvros Hannibal himself. By 2505, the family had constructed a building over the site of Pori Meteor—a large shard of variegated rock—and a buried Forerunner structure. Later known as Hannibal HQ, it is likely that this location was selected purposefully by Hannibal after discovering the subterranean alien facility. Within the next six years, Jack Hannibal had produced the first small-scale quantum photonic amplifier for SATCOM relays, which revolutionized the speed and integrity of extraplanet communication. Hannibal was called a genius and the greatest forward thinker of his day. Of course, the public did not know of the Forerunner structure beneath Hannibal HQ.[1]


Hannibal then founded Hannibal Weapon Systems,[1] a corporation that would go on to produce hardware for the United Nations Space Command, most notably specializing in security technologies, small arms, and MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.[2]

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