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Spartan-IV station terror attack




March 29, 2554


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Rudolf Schein


SPARTAN Rudolf Schein

  • Captain O'Day
  • Hideo Wakahisa

Rudolf Schein


A terror attack was carried out on a Spartan-IV training station by Rudolf Schein, a Spartan-IV candidate-turned-United Rebel Front agent, on March 29, 2554.


In 2524, Rudolf Schein's mother was inadvertently killed in the crossfire of soldiers of the United Nations Space Command during a rebellion on Persia IX. The young Schein held no apparent grudge towards the UNSC and joined the military when he was eighteen. During the Human-Covenant War, Schein had become a decorated veteran of many battles; he had extensive training in demolitions. When the Covenant War ended in 2552, he was soon tasked with quelling human rebellions. Schein grew disillusioned with the UNSC and Unified Earth Government and eventually became affiliated with the United Rebel Front, alongside his father who had detested the UEG ever since his wife's death.[1] Schein's UNSC superiors gave him the highest recommendations and he was given an offer to join the newly established Spartan branch and the SPARTAN-IV program.[1] Schein's induction into the program had been planned by the URF for several months, in hopes of having a Spartan of their own. Shortly after he accepted his offer, Office of Naval Intelligence spies among the Front intercepted a URF transmission that confirmed that a member of the new Spartan class was associated with the organization.[2] In 2554, a number of newly augmented Spartan-IVs, including Schein, were transferred to this station in order to begin their training.


On March 29 of 2554, the corpse of a Spartan was discovered in the largest War Games chamber.[1] At the end of the previous exercise, Hideo Wakahisa had failed to return from the field and could not be reached through communications. Commander Musa immediately dispatched personnel to look for him. Former Spartan-III Jun-A266 found Wakahisa's body in the tunnels with the Spartan-IV's electronic locators forcibly removed from his jaw and his head nearly torn off.

Spartans Edward Buck, Kojo Agu, and Michael Crespo were consulted by Spartan Operations Chief of Staff Jun-A266 and Admiral Musa Ghanem in their quarters due to Jun having found a medallion belonging to Crespo on the body. The three insisted Mickey was not responsible for the murder and Jun and Musa decided to review security footage to see if someone had previously stolen the medallion from Mickey's locker.[3] Security footage soon proved that Spartan Rudolf Schein was responsible for the act, and Jun, Musa, and Captain O'Day confronted him in the station's rec room. Having had access to the space station's armory, Schein had slung a bandolier of grenades across his chest and had covertly installed several explosives throughout the station. At this time, Schein attempted to blow up the station, but only succeeded in causing the room's viewport to shatter, unintentionally ejecting himself and Jun into vacuum. Before he could do anything else, Musa deactivated the station's artificial gravity to prohibit Schein's bombs from working correctly.

Drill instructors Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091, while in a state of confusion regarding the blast, suddenly noticed Jun and Schein outside the station.[4] Jun was able to break free from Schein's grip and kick off from his chest, sending him deeper into space and Jun back towards the station. At Lucy's prompting, she and Tom entered an airlock. Attached to a tether and without a vacuum suit, Tom attempted to anticipate Jun's path and launched himself into space. He missed at first, but Lucy managed to correct his path by tugging on the tether. Jun eventually managed to get caught in the tether and Lucy was able to pull both him and Tom in, but not before both lost consciousness.[4] Buck, Romeo, Mickey, and others had previously rushed toward the commotion upon hearing shots fired, only to witness O'Day being caught in the lone explosion triggered by a grenade swatted away from Schein's hand by Jun. The three Spartans attempted to take the wounded captain to safety, but she was killed when she impacted against Buck at a high speed in the zero-gee environment. Schein died in the vacuum of space. Jun, Tom, and Lucy received medical attention in the infirmary.

Aftermath and Legacy[edit]

After his death, Crespo attended Schein's funeral. At the funeral, Crespo met Schein's father and soon became a full-fledged member of the Front. Schein's father was heavily saddened by his death and led an ambush on Talitsa in 2555 to capture Spartans Edward Buck and Kojo Agu, with the aid of Crespo who defected during the Spartans' mission to the moon.[5] However, the attempt failed and Schein's father was killed, while Crespo was arrested.[6] Crespo would be given a life sentence that he would come to serve at the training station which also doubled as a prison when the need for one became apparent. Crespo would later be broken out of prison in October 2558 by the reformed Alpha-Nine squad to serve in a secret ONI mission to Cassidy III and then to participate in the Created conflict. By this point, all of the damage from the attack had been fully repaired with Edward Buck seeing no sign of the hole that had been blown into the station's hull having ever existed as he passed through that part of the station.[7]

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