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This article is about the audio logs found in Halo 4. For other uses, see Audio log.

Halo 4 audio logs are terminals that contain in-universe information found in various Halo 4 campaign levels. While most of them are found in Ivanoff Station on the level Composer, some logs are found on other levels as well.


Spartan John-117's service record[edit]

Location: Under the very first walkway on the level Dawn.

Note: Although the Pillar of Autumn is a cruiser, the service record misclassifies it as a frigate. Because the transcript classifies it as frigate, it will be named so here too.


  • System: "This is the service record for Spartan John-117. Would you like to continue?"
  • System: "Frigate [sic] Pillar of Autumn discovers Forerunner Halo Installation 04 and deploys Spartan 117 to protect UNSC A.I. Cortana. Chief uncovers a Covenant plot to fire the weapon, and sacrifices the Autumn to destroy the Halo ring."
  • System: "Pursuing the Covenant flagship after an attack on earth, Spartan 117 arrives at Installation 05 to find the Covenant erupting into civil war. After preventing the Covenant from firing the ring, 117 followed them back to Earth in search of a Forerunner installation that could activate all the galaxy's Halos."
  • System: "The Covenant arrive at Earth and open a portal to the Ark, an extragalactic Forerunner installation that can fire the Halo Array. Spartan 117 unites a joint Covenant/UNSC team to pursue the Covenant to the Ark, where he successfully destroys the Installation and prevents the rings from being used."
  • System: "When Spartan 117 attempts to escape from the Ark aboard the Forward Unto Dawn, the slipspace portal that the ship is passing through collapses."
  • System: "Aboard the aft section of the dawn, SPARTAN-117 is placed into cryo sleep pending recovery by UNSC forces. A.I. Cortana to remain active as long as is technically feasible."
  • System: "End of service record."[1]

Systems check[edit]

Location: Near the very beginning of the level, in front of the Forward Unto Dawn hologram.


  • System: "Weapon systems online."
  • System: "Gravity controls online."
  • System: "Ship propulsion offline."
  • System: "Bow hull integrity compromised."
  • System: "Life support online."[1]


Cortana's origin[edit]

Location: In a wreckage near the beginning of the level. It is near the wreckage the SAW is found.


  • Unknown voice: "Catherine Halsey Research excerpt, 11 February 2550."
  • Halsey: "A interesting factor here isn't that H-1 disabled the viral termination code I had implanted in her matrix. These metrics imply its success wasn't just unlikely, but that even the acceptance of the 7-year life cycle estimates may not apply."
  • Halsey: "Thus far, I've determined that the unique circumstances of her creation have triggered what I can only refer to as a recessive variant in the A.I. seed."
  • Halsey: "As her architect, I'm currently at a loss as to the origin of the development of this rogue element. Very curious."[2]

Covenant's motivations[edit]

Location: In a wreckage near the beginning of the level. Note: All dialogue in this Audio log is spoken in Sangheili, and translated into English by Cortana.


  • Cortana: "Non-believers walk the sacred ground. Purge the heretics, so they not foul the air of Paradise. The time has come to enter the Great Light. The Promethean awakening is nigh, our reward is at hand."[2]


Location: In a wreckage near the beginning of the level.


  • Unknown Sangheili: "Didact..." (The same word is repeated every few seconds.)[2]


Location: In the large chamber with map of Requiem, in the middle on the lowest floor. Note: The Forerunner glyph is translated by Cortana. The glyph itself is cosmetically the same as the Icon in the ONI lab on Ivanoff Station.


  • Cortana: "Guardianship for all living things lies with those whose evolution is most complete."
  • Cortana: "The Mantle of Responsibility shelters all."


Infinity Shipwide Waypoint Network[edit]

Location: On the console in the point where the first and second hallway meet when you pilot the Mantis. It should be facing the second hallway. Look for a flickering screen. [3]


  • System: "Infinity Shipwide Waypoint Network currently offline."

Difficulty processing[edit]

Location: On the console in the very end of the first corridor out of the Mantis' bay on the left side. This screen is very dim and is of the same shape as the last one.


  • System: "Welcome to the Infinity Shipwide Waypoint Network. For more information concerning-I'm sorry. We are currently having difficulty processing your request due to the high volume of-"[3]

Huragok reserve[edit]

Location: Small door along right wall of second corridor in the beginning of third corridor.


  • System: "Access denied. Huragok population reserve accepts absolutely no personnel during category three emergency states and higher."

Cargo unit to Ivanoff[edit]

Location: Small door further on past Huragok reserve door.


  • System: "Cargo unit, Lot 225. Destination: Ivanoff Station. Please consult the Manifest Director if you require immediate access."


Location: Right of small door at very end of third corridor.


  • System: "All S-deck access is restricted until shipwide quarantine has been lifted."

Forerunner engine[edit]

Location: Before the elevator to Infinity's outer hull, adjacent to the partially constructed Mantis' legs. Look for a small console left of the machine gun mantis arm.


Sub-vessel bay[edit]

Location: Before the elevator to Infinity's outer hull, opposite the partially constructed Mantis head that is next to the Mantis legs. Another small console is what you are looking for.


  • System: Sub-vessel deployment bay is currently off limits to unauthorized personnel. Please see the local Deck Officer for further assistance.



Location: First room overlooking the hangar, containing one Marine.


  • Announcer: "Wargames simulations. Offline."
  • Announcer: "Come back later."
  • Announcer: "Combat deck information offline."
  • Announcer: "Killing spree postponed."
  • Announcer: "Spartan wargames scoreboard not available during departure."
  • Announcer: "Return later for more red versus blue carnage."[4]

Infinity Logistics[edit]

Location: Second overlooking the hangar, containing one Officer and one Marine

  • System: "We're sorry. Non-essential reporting systems are offline during departure prep. Recreational information and WarGames standings will return after Infinity is underway."
  • System: "Cargo manifest correction. All pallets bound for Ivanoff Station should be restowed until further notice."
  • System: "Information for all hands regarding Infinity return voyage to Cairo Station, Earth. All personnel are to remain upon Infinity until fully debriefed by their ranking officer. For further information, please contact Lt Cmdr Phillips, Security Deck 1."[4]


Activation Index[edit]

Location: In the room where two Hunters are fought, shortly after clearing the hangar.


  • Tim: "OK... Specimen 2006..."
  • Tim: "Artifact is believed to be the Activation Index for Gamma Halo, based on anecdotal information from Alpha and Delta Halo mission logs."
  • Tim: "Key component in the activation and firing of the Halo weapon, a few of us have been speculating lately if it has secondary and tertiary purposes as well."
  • Tim: "Theories still forthcoming."[5]


Location: In the room where two Hunters are fought, shortly after clearing the hangar.


  • Dr. Tillson: "Specimen 815, though that's a bit misleading as we've been seeing these things all over the Halo."
  • Dr. Tillson: "Icon is similar to other Forerunner glyphs, with the noted exception of a strong, vertical extrusion."
  • Dr. Tillson: "Going to send this to Linguistics but... I don't know. My gut's telling me there's something else here."[5]

Specimen 1534[edit]

Location: In the room where two Hunters are fought, shortly after clearing the hangar.


  • Scientist: "Specimen 1534. Initial suggest an imaging component, perhaps a piece of some large device or possibly a vehicle of some sort."
  • Scientist: "Reticular hazing also implies use as a beam focuser: could have done double-duty as a weapon sight."
  • Scientist: "Passing off to SPEC-WAR for further testing."[5]

System-wide outages[edit]

Location: In the room where two Hunters are fought, shortly after clearing the hangar. Also in the open area where the Mantis' can be found.

Note: This log can be activated in a number of locations.


  • System: "I'm sorry. We are currently experiencing system-wide outages. If you require immediate assistance, contact Infrastructure, 048."[5]

Halsey's observations[edit]

Location: A data pad on a desk, behind a window at the back of the room where two Hunters are fought.


  • Halsey: "Catherine Halsey, personal observations - December 15, 2554."
  • Halsey: "While the survey crews examining Gamma Halo may be what pass for experts at ONI now, they are woefully out of their league for a task of this scale."
  • Halsey: "There has been one startling discovery, however."
  • Halsey: "One of the teams stumbled upon a device remarkably similar to the AI Matrix Compiler currently in use by the UNSC."
  • Halsey: "Seeing as how I designed that particular compiler, this finding, needless to say, has piqued my curiosity."[5]

Phosphorous test[edit]

Location: In the open area in front of a rock that is on the right side of the Composer.


  • Scientist: "Phosphorous Test 72. We had some luck yesterday breaking the connection between the artifact and the surrounding terrain."
  • Scientist: "I'm going to see if adjusting the elemental density ... what the hell was that?"[5]

Ceased transmission[edit]

Location: In the open area where the Mantis' can be found. Behind a Forerunner spire.


  • Tim: "This is Tim Pherson. Sandy asked me to make an addendum to the last observation log on Specimen 1101."
  • Tim: "We're still going over the logs, but we now believe the transmission stopped emanating from the artifact approximately 0900 on the 21st."[5]

Artifact test[edit]

Location: In the open area where the Mantises can be found. In front of a group of rocks on the see-through floor.


  • Scientist: "Fourteen Thirty One hours. I don't know what's happening topside, but I was in the middle of rerunning the Gilwood-Elman Tests and the artifact started..."
  • Scientist: "I don't know WHAT it's doing. Rerunning the sensor leads now."[5]

Something big[edit]

Location: In front of the terminal, near some crates and equipment.


  • Scientist: "Something big's happening outside the station."
  • Scientist: "I'm initiating a full redundancy cycle on the chromatics data, but in the event it doesn't go through, I'm going to store a hard dump of the same in the #31 Maintenance shed!"[5]


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